By John Donovan
April 23, 2005
17th in the 2nd round, 49th overall
Minnesota Vikings Marcus Johnson OG
Ole Miss   |  6-6.5  |  321
The Vikings, fairly quietly, have put together a nice early draft, getting an explosive receiver, a good defensive lineman and, now, a guy who can help out on the line. And they did it all without one Draft Day screwup. Congratulations.
18th in the 2nd round, 50th overall
St. Louis Rams Ron Bartell CB
Howard   |  6-1.5  |  211
If your kid can't grow up to be a southpaw who throws 90 mph, teach him the joys of covering one-on-one and the intricacies of the two-deep zone. Cornerbacks, if you haven't noticed, are hot, hot, hot. And this one chips in on special teams, too.
19th in the 2nd round, 51st overall
Green Bay Packers Nick Collins CB
Bethune   |  5-11  |  206
My God, they're like Gremlins in a downpour. They just keep coming! Again, everybody needs them, so everybody's picking them. It may be awhile until you hear from some of these corners, but you have to make the effort.
20th in the 2nd round, 52nd overall
Jacksonville Jaguars Khalif Barnes OT
Washington   |  6-5.5  |  305
A big guy, and he fits well in a Jaguars' line that has had some injury problems. Barnes had some problems with injuries, too, but he looked good at the Senior Bowl, from all reports. A good, lucky pick this low in the second round.
21st in the 2nd round, 53rd overall
Baltimore Ravens Dan Cody DE
Oklahoma   |  6-5.5  |  254
Oh, yeah. This guy. We almost forgot about him. Cody tested poorly in his strength tests at the Combine, according to Kiper, and that has made him the biggest dropper of the day -- bigger, even, than Cal QB Rodgers. What he did at Oklahoma is hard to dispute, though, and the Ravens may have a steal on their hands here.
22nd in the 2nd round, 54th overall
Carolina Panthers Eric Shelton HB
Louisville   |  6-1.5  |  246
The Panthers averaged only 98.9 yards a game running the ball last year -- only two NFC teams were worse -- so they needed someone. The good thing about Shelton is he's big, both tall and hefty. The question -- at this point, everyone has a question -- is whether he can show the toughness and elusiveness needed to survive in the NFL.
23rd in the 2nd round, 55th overall
Buffalo Bills Roscoe Parrish WR
Miami (FL)   |  5-9.5  |  168
A good returner and a guy who could be a nice extra receiver, Parrish should fit in quickly, considering Miami is practically the pros, anyway. But, really, what an off Draft Day for the state of Florida. A couple of Seminoles, a couple of Hurricanes and not a Gator in sight. It says something when Ole Miss is ahead of Florida, 2-0, at this point of the day.
24th in the 2nd round, 56th overall
Denver Broncos Darrent Williams CB
Oklahoma St.   |  5-8.5  |  176
Another smallish corner and, yes, another Williams. Sorry, folks, but if you've seen one shrimpy CB, you've seen them all. Good college kick returners. Speedy. Wonder about how they'll play against tall receivers. We have a handful of picks left in the second round, and you know -- you just know -- more players like this one are coming.
25th in the 2nd round, 57th overall
New York Jets Justin Miller CB
Clemson   |  5-9.5  |  201
Told you. If you listen to the Jets' fans in New York, though, this guy is the second coming of Deion Sanders. Although haven't we already seen the second coming of Deion?
26th in the 2nd round, 58th overall
Green Bay Packers Terrence Murphy WR
Texas A&M   |  6-1  |  202
Murphy, reading the scouting reports, is one of those players that coaches love to take because coaches, as an immutable rule, always think they can get the best out of players. They wouldn't be coaches otherwise. Murphy never has had great numbers, but he's big and has all the skills. All he needs, evidently, is a good coach to kick him where it counts. Or Brett Favre throwing him the ball.
27th in the 2nd round, 59th overall
Atlanta Falcons Jonathan Babineaux DT
Iowa   |  6-2  |  286
The fifth DT taken, Babineaux is a veritable bag o' bones for an interior defensive lineman. Coach Jim Mora already is shoving the training table Babineaux's way. If he can get bigger, everyone likes his quickness. If not, he's gonna have a lot of cleat marks on his back.
28th in the 2nd round, 60th overall
Indianapolis Colts Kelvin Hayden CB
Illinois   |  5-10.5  |  197
The Colts' defense isn't nearly as bad as everybody makes it out to be. It suffers in comparison to the offense. But, heck, pick another undersized CB again anyway and see if one of them sticks. That's two CBs for Colts have drafted today (though their first one, Marlin Jackson, isn't undersized).
29th in the 2nd round, 61st overall
San Diego Chargers Vincent Jackson WR
N. Colorado   |  6-4.5  |  241
This is why those little CBs are such a roll of the dice. If a player like Jackson can catch on, he's darn near impossible to hang with because he's a half-foot taller than some of these defenders. Jackson's a good pick here for an already-good offensive team.
30th in the 2nd round, 62nd overall
Pittsburgh Steelers Bryant McFadden CB
Florida St.   |  6-0  |  193
A bigger corner who was a physical presence at FSU, McFadden seems more like it. He certainly fits the mold of the gritty Steelers. Now, whether he can cover or not ? well, we'll have to see. Hey, has that Cody guy been taken yet? And whatever happened to Maurice Clarett?
31st in the 2nd round, 63rd overall
Philadelphia Eagles Matthew McCoy OLB
San Diego St.   |  5-11  |  200
Now it's just getting silly. Nothing against McCoy, but if you read the scouting reports, he's a Sunday selection at best. Maybe the Eagles see something the scouts didn't. Or maybe they're just pulling stuff out of the hat.

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