By David Sabino
June 09, 2009
Oakland Athletics16Oakland Athletics
Picks MLB Steal Bust Unsigned Traded/Cut
452 43 Rich Harden
(17th round, 2000)
Brad Sullivan J. Papelbon Andre Ethier

Current Key Players: Brad Ziegler, Kurt Suzuki (pictured), Trevor Cahill, Travis Buck

Lowdown: Billy Beane's well-documented draft plan is still working. However, keeping players such as Harden, Ryan Ludwick and Mark Teahen in the green and gold for longer would have brought more wins along the way.

Los Angeles Angels17Los Angeles Angels
Picks MLB Steal Bust Unsigned Traded/Cut
498 38 Mike Napoli
(17th round, 2000)
Joe Torres Aaron Hill Bobby Jenks

Current Key Players: John Lackey (pictured), Howie Kendrick, Joe Saunders, Napoli, Jeff Mathis, Jered Weaver

Lowdown: Battery power: 80 percent of the 2009 opening-day rotation plus both catchers were developed draft picks from the past decade. Unfortunately, the best of the bunch might've turned out to be the late Nick Adenhart.

Kansas City Royals18Kansas City Royals
Picks MLB Steal Bust Unsigned Traded/Cut
509 36 Mark Ellis
(9th round, 1999)
Colt Griffin T. Tankersley Ellis

Current Key Players: Zack Greinke (pictured), Alex Gordon, Billy Butler, David DeJesus, Luke Hochevar

Lowdown: In 10 years of picks, the Royals made 17 selections in the first and sandwich rounds; 11 have made it to the majors and three more (Mike Moustakas, Eric Hosmer and Mike Montgomery) are coming quickly.

San Francisco Giants19San Francisco Giants
Picks MLB Steal Bust Unsigned Traded/Cut
503 41 Brian Wilson
(24th round, 2003)
Craig Whitaker Nobody notable David Aardsma

Current Key Players: Tim Lincecum (pictured), Matt Cain, Brian Wilson, Fred Lewis, Emmanuel Burris, Jonathan Sanchez

Lowdown: Few teams can match the arms the Giants have drafted and signed, but just like the current big-league roster, where's the offense?

New York Mets20New York Mets
Picks MLB Steal Bust Unsigned Traded/Cut
490 28 Mike Jacobs
(38th round, 1999)
Phil Humber Nobody notable Scott Kazmir

Current Key Players: David Wright (pictured), Daniel Murphy, Bobby Parnell

Lowdown: New York came out of the 2001 draft with one of the top five players (David Wright) at the 38th pick. Other than him, the team's best draftees both play in the state of Florida (Matt Lindstrom and Kazmir).

Toronto Blue Jays21Toronto Blue Jays
Picks MLB Steal Bust Unsigned Traded/Cut
480 41 Brandon Lyon
(14th round, 1999)
Miguel Negron Nobody notable Lyon

Current Key Players: Aaron Hill (pictured), Alex Rios, Adam Lind, Shaun Marcum, Jesse Litsch, Travis Snider, Dustin McGowan

Lowdown: Have shown patience with high school selections leading to great results, including Rios, Snider, McGowan and Brandon League.

Cleveland Indians22Cleveland Indians
Picks MLB Steal Bust Unsigned Traded/Cut
510 36 Ryan Church
(14th round, 2000)
Matt Whitney Tim Lincecum Luke Scott

Current Key Players: Ben Francisco (pictured), Trevor Crowe, Ryan Garko, Aaron Laffey, Jeremy Sowers, Jensen Lewis

Lowdown: Of the 36 Cleveland draftees who reached the majors, three came from the University of Nevada (Church, Joe Inglett, Kevin Kouzmanoff) and three more were from Stanford (Garko, John Gall, Jeremy Guthrie).

Baltimore Orioles23Baltimore Orioles
Picks MLB Steal Bust Unsigned Traded/Cut
494 36 Erik Bedard
(6th round, 1999)
Josh Cenate Casey Janssen Mike Fontenot

Current Key Players: Nick Markakis (pictured), Brain Roberts, Matt Wieters

Lowdown: It appears that the bleakest period in the history of a once-proud Orioles system is over with the emergence of outstanding talents in Markakis, Wieters and a dozen live young arms.

New York Yankees24New York Yankees
Picks MLB Steal Bust Unsigned Traded/Cut
504 32 Jeff Karstens
(19th round, 2003)
Jon Poterson Chris Davis Karstens

Current Key Players: Joba Chamberlain (pictured), Phil Hughes, Brett Gardner

Lowdown: Of the players who've reached the majors over the last decade, only Chamberlain has displayed the ability to match the surrounding hype.

Chicago Cubs25Chicago Cubs
Picks MLB Steal Bust Unsigned Traded/Cut
503 44 Geovany Soto
(11th round, 2001)
Ryan Harvey Tim Lincecum Dontrelle Willis

Current Key Players: Soto (pictured), Ryan Theriot, Jeff Samardzija, Micah Hoffpauir

Lowdown: Unlucky 13? Of the last 13 first-rounders taken by the Cubbies, the only contributors on the big-league level are Orioles farmhand Luis Montanez and the oft-injured Mark Prior (No. 2 in '01).

San Diego Padres26San Diego Padres
Picks MLB Steal Bust Unsigned Traded/Cut
468 33 Jake Peavy
(15th round, 1999)
Matt Bush Chad Cordero Jason Bartlett

Current Key Players: Peavy (pictured), Chase Headley, Josh Geer, Nick Hundley

Lowdown: The only Padres pick since 2002 to ascend to a career longer than a cup of coffee in the majors is Headley (a second-rounder back in 2005).

Seattle Mariners27Seattle Mariners
Picks MLB Steal Bust Unsigned Traded/Cut
495 30 J.J. Putz
(6th round, 1999)
Ryan Christianson Rich Harden Adam Jones

Current Key Players: Brandon Morrow (pictured), Jeff Clement, Rob Johnson

Lowdown: Nearly as many Mariners regulars have been developed in the Japanese Leagues (Ichiro Suzuki and Kenji Johjima) as in the past 10 drafts (Morrow, Putz, Willie Bloomquist).

Cincinnati Reds28Cincinnati Reds
Picks MLB Steal Bust Unsigned Traded/Cut
505 21 Chris Dickerson
(16th round, 2003)
Chris Gruler Nobody notable Dustin Moseley

Current Key Players: Joey Votto (pictured), Dickerson, Paul Janish, Adam Rosales

Lowdown: No team has debuted less big-league talent over the last 10 drafts, but top picks Drew Stubbs ('06), Todd Frazier ('07) and Yonder Alonzo ('08) should help soon.

Chicago White Sox29Chicago White Sox
Picks MLB Steal Bust Unsigned Traded/Cut
502 41 Matt Guerrier
(10th round, 1999)
Jason Stumm Tom Gorzelanny Chris Young

Current Key Players: Josh Fields, Chris Getz (pictured), Clayton Richard

Lowdown: Have fared far better through trades for established talent, other organization's prospects and by unorthodox means (signing Cuban defector Alexei Ramirez) than they have through the draft.

Houston Astros30Houston Astros
Picks MLB Steal Bust Unsigned Traded/Cut
464 30 Matt Albers
(23rd round, 2001)
Robert Stiehl Michael Bourn Ben Zobrist

Current Key Players: Hunter Pence (pictured)

Lowdown: Only three of the Astros' top picks from 1999 to 2008 have tasted the majors and just one more -- 2008 selection Jason Castro -- has a serious chance at a MLB career.

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