October 25, 2010
Howard Gets Dunked
Dwight Howard :: Walter Iooss/SI

Jimmy was not feeling very good today and asked me to pinch hit for this afternoon's Hot Clicks. The NBA season begins tomorrow and Dwight Howard spent his last free weekend partying relaxing getting baptized. Speaking of the NBA, here are a few predictions from SI's crack NBA staff.
Jamie Dixon = Hero
Props to Pitt basketball coach Jamie Dixon who helped some trapped passengers escape from their car Saturday night after an accident on I-279 in Pennsylvania.
Two Reasons to Watch NASCAR
Congrats to identical twins Amber and Angela Cope, who made their NASCAR debut Saturday at the Camping World Truck Series race in Martinsville, Va. I'm guessing these two are going to be quite popular amongst the male racing fans.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Alice Greczyn :: Todd Williamson/Getty Images
October is Polish-American Heritage Month and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate this great country. My favorite, however, is Alice Greczyn, today's Lovely Lady of the Day.
Bad Ideas in College Sports
I love Harry Potter as much as the next guy, but Quidditch as a legit college sport? No thanks.
Barry Sanders Would Be Proud
The Oklahoma State hoops squad unveiled their new locker room -- and it belongs on MTV Cribs. I guess you can't blame them for upgrading (look at the pitiful list of NBA players the school has produced.) I don't want to get too down on Oklahoma State, though, as the school was once home to Barry Sanders (and his fan club).
Vault Photo of the Day
When I'm not filling in for Jimmy on Hot Clicks, I run the SI Vault and like to post funny and/or embarrassing photos of pro athletes to my Twitter feed. Today I found this gem of Rockets center Yao Ming looking about 14-feet tall as he runs past a group of female joggers.
Random Links
Twenty-four years ago today this happened ... The 50 funniest jokes ever told ... The 20 top U.S. soccer players in Europe ... Here are some competitive eating photos to make you nauseous ... The problems with Back to the Future ... Being a part of the NFL chain gang isn't as fun as it looks.
Mascot Video Of The Day
The LSU mascot takes out a photographer.

Vintage Larry Bird Commercial Of The Day
The Celtics legend promotes the NBA catalog.

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