By Marty Burns
April 04, 2005
NBA Power Rankings
Rank LW Team
16 18 They won at Boston on Sunday to snap a three-game losing skid and stay in the No. 8 spot in the East. But Chris Webber (shoulder) probably won't be back for at least another week.
17 10 Five defeats in six games is no way to head into the homestretch, and now Antoine Walker (bruised knee) is limping. Fortunately for them, the Red Sawx are back to deflect some of the attention.
18 15 How much did they need that win over the Mavs on Sunday? With four losses in six games prior, they can't afford to let the Pacers gain any more ground in the race for the coveted No. 6 seed.
19 25
Orlando Magic (35-38)
They notched a big win at New Jersey on Saturday, giving them a 3-1 series edge and the tiebreaker over the Nets. But with Mavs, Bulls and Pistons on tap this week, they could be in for a tough week.
20 19 Saturday's home loss to the Magic was a blow for their fading playoff hopes. Worse, Jacque Vaughn (broken bone, right foot) is out for the rest of the season as their injury woes continue.
21 21 Sunday's win at Atlanta was just their fourth road triumph in the past four months and left them 8-28 away from home this season. Oddly enough, they are a respectable 25-13 at home.
22 23 Rafer Alston and Jalen Rose say they've made up, but the sniping over shot selection reflects a season-long problem. Chris Bosh and Donyell Marshall are the only ones who should complain.
23 22 With 10 losses in their last 11 games through Sunday, all that's left now is to ride out the string. Meanwhile, Lamar Odom is on the injured list, and Kobe Bryant (bruised leg) is limping.
24 27 They beat the Knicks on Sunday to snap a season-long eight-game losing skid. It will be interesting to see if GM Larry Harris and coach Terry Porter survive a shakeup this summer.
25 20 In the past few weeks they've helped end losing streaks for the Blazers (seven games), Lakers (eight) and Bucks (eight). Now who will help them end their own six-game slide?
26 28 Jamaal Magloire is back in the middle, and they're playing pretty hard most nights. Since March 1, they'd gone 6-10 including road wins at Chicago and Houston.
27 26
Utah Jazz (22-50)
One good thing to come out of their season: Jerry Sloan sent a positive message by immediately benching Kirk Snyder -- and then suspending him one game -- after his taunting display in last week's loss to the Rockets.
28 24 Take that, Ben Gordon! Emeka Okafor racked up 28 points and 16 rebounds Saturday at Chicago to make his own Rookie of the Year statement. But once again, Gordon's team won the game.
29 28 At least Sebastian Telfair is continuing to impress. The 19-year-old point guard recorded his first double-double (16 points and a career-high 10 assists) in Saturday's loss to the Nuggets.
30 30
Atlanta Hawks (11-62)
Twelve straight losses at week's end, but the big story was Dominique Wilkins' not getting into the Hall of Fame. C'mon, HOF voters. How could you deny the Human Highlight Reel?

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