January 18, 2012
Reason No. 2,523,198 To Love Twitter
Rob Lowe :: Getty Images

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You may have thought Peter King, Adam Schefter or Jay Glazer would break big NFL news on Twitter, but a bombshell came today from actor Rob Lowe. According to the star of the very underrated About Last Night, Colts quarterback Peyton Manning won't return to the NFL. Is the news true? Who knows? So far, all we have is Lowe's tweet. However, the actor's "scoop" made for a humorous afternoon on Twitter, where people used references to famous '80s actors, cult movies, Parks and Recreation and much more. Here are 10 amusing Tweets that came after Lowe broke his "news."

1. @injuryexpert: Wait, now Rob Lowe is breaking NFL news? I guess I better check what Ally Sheedy thinks about the NFC Championship matchup.

2. @VIROGERS: Let's not forget that Rob Lowe tried to take over Callahan Auto Parts and was unsuccessful.

3. @celebrityhottub: Oh man, does this mean Eli's stuck being friends with CHAD Lowe? That sucks.

4. @Drew_Hallett: Rob Lowe is breaking news that Peyton Manning will retire today? Can't trust a man that went against Wayne and Garth.

5. @AuthorofPatches: More Breaking News. According to Emilio Estevez....Actually, he's got nothing but would just like to know if anybody's hiring.

6. @wyshynski: Please tell me that Aaron Sorkin is scripting Rob Lowe/Jim Irsay chat on Manning. (briskly walking) "Retired as in retired?" "As in retired"

7. @pourmecoffee: I went ahead and paid for the full @RobLowe subscription. Stuff behind paywall is unreal -- injuries, trades, everything.

8. @awfulannouncing: This may or may not be the first time ESPN will claim Rob Lowe's Twitter feed as a "source."

9. @bradyfan590: As long as Ron Swanson moves from Pawnee, Indiana to become the Colts new head coach & does weekly pressers, I don't care who quarterbacks.

10. @KEGR123: Breaking: Brian Austin Green reports @JimmyTraina to replace Michael Kay on YES Yankee games

From An '80s Icon To A '90s Icon
On Feb. 3, the Pistons will hold '90s Night. Performing at halftime: Vanilla Ice.
Follow The Fish
The Marlins are reportedly close to becoming the team that's featured in this season's edition of The Franchise on Showtime. My guess is we'll hear Ozzie Guillen curse a lot and see Logan Morrison tweet a lot.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Elaine Alden
Model Elaine Alden (follow her on Twitter), who was featured in Hot Clicks once before, asked to be given LLOD honors once again. Obviously, I couldn't possibly say no, so she gets today's LLOD honors.
Important Research
SB Nation has crunched the numbers (and letters) and came up with a stunning revelation: In the four major pro sports combined, there is only one athlete currently playing who's named Bob.
The Hot Clicks Podcast
Colts punter Pat McAfee is no stranger to controversy, and he finds himself in a little dustup again. McAfee was scheduled to be NBC's social media correspondent during the Super Bowl, but after expressing his opinion on the recent photo of U.S. soldiers urinating on a dead Taliban solider, NBC fired McAfee before he even got started. We discussed this incident as well as much lighter topics, including Twitter, showering with Peyton Manning, the upcoming conference title games and more in the latest edition of the Hot Clicks Podcast, which you can listen to below or download right here. (Note: We taped the podcast before the Colts fired head coach Jim Caldwell on Tuesday afternoon.)

Hot Clicks: The Podcast
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Sports Video Of The Day
I don't know the details behind this video, but it shows a soccer player who is either the nicest guy in the world or the most foolish. Instead of attempting a goal when the goalie is down and hurt, he kicks the ball out of bounds.

Live TV Video Of The Day
Ah, a wacky local news show comes through again with inappropriateness. In this case, the female anchor makes a sex joke about the hot meteorologist and hilarity ensues.

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