November 30, 2007
Tale of the Tape's Cory McCartney sizes up two stars living in their sibling's shadow.
Eli Manning
Ashlee Simpson
Giants quarterback Singer, songwriter, actress
Overacheiving Sibling
Super-Bowl winning Peyton Sex symbol Jessica
Began Making Name For Themselves
At Ole Miss On 7th Heaven
Biggest Achievement
No. 1 pick in 2004 draft No. 1 album, MTV's The Ashlee Simpson Show
Biggest Slip-Up
Four INTs vs. Vikings, three of which were returned for TDs The SNL incident
Famous Hook-Up
Plaxico Burress Wilmer Valderrama
Famous Change Of Face
Refused to play for Chargers Nose job
Spotlight-Stealing Dad
Hall of Fame QB Archie Reality TV magnate/manager/preacher Joe
Ashlee Simpson Song That Best Describes Them
Giving It All Away Shadow
Can Escape Sibling's Shadow By ...
Leading Giants to a title Topping Jessica's These Boots video
Slightly Ironic Endorsement Deal
Unstoppable? Eli Manning isn't. Skechers but she was spotted in ... gasp, Vans!

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