March 16, 2010
They Love Their Hoops
Duke fans :: Grant Halverson/Getty Images

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From "Thong Man" to "Blue Man Group," looks at the 65 craziest basketball fans. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Offbeat Odds
Some fun NCAA Tournament odds, via

What will be the Mascot of the Winning Team be?

Mammal -110
Human 9/4
Bird 5/2
Reptile 30/1
Other 5/1

How many buzzer beating shots will occur during the Round of 64 in the March Madness 2010 Tournament?

0 Buzzer Beaters 5/7
1 Buzzer Beater 7/4
2 Buzzer Beaters 6/1
3 Buzzer Beaters 10/1
4 Buzzer Beaters 20/1
5 Buzzer Beaters 50/1
6 or more Buzzer Beaters 100/1

Which conference will have the best winning percentage in the March Madness 2010 Tournament?

Big Ten Conference 2/1
Big 12 Conference 2/1
Big East Conference 3/1
ACC 6/1
SEC 6/1
A-10 7/1
PAC-10 10/1
West Coast Conference 10/1
Tiger Poll
Tiger will play at the Masters. Here's my question to you:

Lovely Lady Of The Day
Emanuela de Paula :: Randy Brooke/Getty Images
Javier, of Altamonte Springs, Fla., says, "I'm probably the only person who has ever written to you asking about Emanuela de Paula, but I'm going to do it again. Seriously, she's a Victoria Secret model! Is it possible you just don't find her attractive? I really hope not. Emanuela de Paula. Do the right thing!" Javier, don't insult my limited intelligence. Only a fool would not find her attractive. I am now doing the right thing.
A Little Security Would Be Nice
We started Hot Clicks by looking at the good type of "crazy" fans. Here's a piece on the bad type of "crazy" fan: A fan in Russia whacked a player in the face with a stick while he was sitting on the bench.
Giveaway Of The Day
The folks at AT&T and Plusmo want to give a Hot Clicks reader two tickets to the NCAA basketball title game in Indianapolis on Monday, April 5. This does not include airfare or hotel or anything else. It's simply two tickets to the championship game. The 10th person to answer these three questions correctly will get the tickets. Please don't respond if you can't go to the game.

1. Who won SI's Swimsuit Greatest Bracket Ever?

2. Last week, a reader requested that three "mature" ladies be featured in Hot Clicks. Name them.

3. Hot Clicks recently featured a link to a video of Shane Battier doing karaoke. What is the FIRST song he sings in the video?

UPDATE, 5:18 p.m.: Contest is over. John Svenda, of Hoboken, N.J. has won the tickets. Thanks for playing.
Sports Video Of The Day
This has to be posted every year at this time. Take it away, Verne...

Chris Farley Video Of The Day
Might as well post this, too.

Emanuela de Paula Video Of The Day
This one is for Javier.

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