May 06, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Making Dreams Come True -- Sorta
Emily Kuchar
Emily Kuchar :: Courtesy of

The best story in baseball right now belongs to Royals pitcher Zack Greinke. After leaving baseball in 2006 because of a social anxiety disorder, the right-hander is off to a 6-0 start. Oh, yeah, he has a 0.40 ERA and has struck out 54 batters while walking just eight. Greinke also appeared on the cover of last week's Sports Illustrated. That led the hurler to reveal that his fiancee's dream is to be on the cover of SI's Swimsuit Issue. I can't make that happen, but after checking out Emily Kuchar, last year's Miss Daytona Beach USA and a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, I can do the next best thing and give her top billing in Hot Clicks.

UPDATE, 11:18 a.m.: If Kuchar's site isn't working, you can check her out here.

The Debacle That George Built

Yesterday, I mentioned the Yankees should just tear down the new stadium and move back across the street. I linked a story about a near-riot that almost broke out two nights ago when fans were told the game was canceled -- when it wasn't. Well, I also forgot to mention stadium officials told Yankees legend and YES broadcaster Paul O'Neill that he wasn't allowed to watch batting practice at the indoor cages. Security also wouldn't let O'Neill's wife into the stadium's "wives' lounge." One other thing while I'm on this topic: The Yankees also don't allow you to bring certain bags into the stadium, including computer bags. If you're going to a game straight from your office, you have two options, according to what one of the workers told me: Put the bag in your car (which is dumb since so many people take mass transit) or leave your bag at a bowling alley across the street (for $5). It's been one disaster after another, and that's just off the field.

Yankees-Red Sox Fallout

Besides the mess off the field, things haven't gone well for the Yankees on the field when they play Boston, which has led to this. It's also led to me having to pay up. Several readers have requested pictures of Red Sox sideline reporter Heidi Watney, and I told them I'd come through if Boston swept New York. So, here you go.

Guy Impersonates Guy
Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri :: Scott Gries/Getty Images
This is classic. During Monday's White Sox-Royals game, FSN sideline reporter Joel Goldberg went into the stands and interviewed the Food Network's Guy Fieri. There was only one problem: Fiere was home, Twittering about how some dude was impersonating him on TV.
Today's Worst Person In Sports

That honor goes to a Minnesota junior college softball coach, Jean Musgjerd, who complained to umpires that an opponent had broken the rules by high-fiving teammates while rounding the bases after hitting a walk-off home run. (Thanks to Brad Podiak, of Plymouth, Minn., for the link.)

Add Another One To The Rotation

FMyLife, ThisIsWhyYoureFat and TextsFromLastNight have company. MaybeYouShouldntBuyThat features a collection of the most expensive and most worthless items in the world. My favorite is the $2.4 million iPhone that has a 6.6-karat diamond as the center button.

Megan, Minka And Bar

The e-mails about these three women won't stop (and that's a good thing), so I need to do this as a public service. Megan Fox made a ridiculously hot video for Esquire. Minka Kelly is still smokin'. And Bar Refaeli has designed her own "little black bikini."

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Sports Video Of The Day

As a reader pointed out, the Red Wings got Hochuli'd last night.

Commercial Of The Day

Sean, of Nashville, Tenn., says, "This has got to be, hands down, the single worst car commercial I've ever seen." It's definitely up there.

Music Video Of The Day

Don't know the song, but don't care. Love. This. Kid.

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