August 16, 2011
Muted Milestone
Jim Thome :: AP

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More amazing than Jim Thome hitting his 600th career home run last night was how little fanfare the impressive milestone generated. ( This condom company excluded.) Why do you think that is?

Blake Show
Since we won't have any Blake Griffin highlights for a long, long time thanks to the NBA lockout, we'll have to rely on his Tweets. He came through with a solid one yesterday.
Random Links
Hey, Rex Ryan, it's just an exhibition game. ... Here's a recap of the sports references on the new Kanye West/Jay-Z record, Watch the Throne. ... Here are five of the best sports-related surprise post-deployment military reunions.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Emily Montague ::
Actress Emily Montague is the latest beauty featured in's "Me In My Place" series.
Anything For A Vote
Mental Floss remembers 15 gimmicky Heisman Trophy campaigns.
News Story Of The Day
Check out this tale about an ex-mayor, a divorce and a gift-wrapped boulder. (Thanks to Danny L., of Oakville, Ontario, for the link.)
Sports Video Of The Day
The Brewers turned a nifty triple play last night against the Dodgers.

Local News Report Video Of The Day
This isn't funny. It's quite scary. Flash mobs are not being used just to sing catchy pop tunes anymore. They're being used to rob convenience stores. The video is pretty stunning. There's one more notable piece of information about the clip: The reporter's name is Wisdom.

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