May 21, 2009
Tale of the Tape's Cory McCartney sizes up two guys coming out of retirement who talk big games.
Floyd Mayweather Jr.
36 32
Return Engagement
Relapse Fight with Juan Manuel Marquez
Been Away For
4 1/2 years 16 months
What He's Been Doing
Rehab Wrestling, Dancing With The Stars
Odd Pairing
Elton John Big Show
Slim Shady Pretty Boy
Greatest Hits
The Real Slim Shady, Stan,
Lose Yourself, Crack A Bottle
39 wins, 25 by knockout
Has Ripped
Tony Romo, Jessica Simpson
and just about everyone
UFC, ESPN's Brian Kenny
and just about everyone
Record Label
Shady Records Philthy Rich Records
Acting Chops
8 Mile Arli$$

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