April 06, 2010
First Things First
Emmanuelle Chriqui :: Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

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Yes, the Butler-Duke game is the story of the day, but I'll get to that in just a moment. We begin by honoring Opening Day. Well, we're not really honoring Opening Day. We're honoring the 25 hottest female celebrity first pitches of all time. I can't pass on leading with an item that gives me an excuse to feature Emmanuelle Chriqui.
Speaking Of First Pitches...
President Obama threw out the ceremonial first pitch at yesterday's Nationals game, and clearly, he should stick to basketball. Following his pregame appearance, Obama "was interviewed" by Harry Caray.
Two Other Opening Day Items
In case you missed it in yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks, check out the unbelievable play Mark Buehrle made against the Indians. And Braves rookie Jason Heyward did nothing to lower the huge expectations already put on him by hitting a bomb in his first major league at-bat. In fact, here are 10 things to know about Heyward's first career dinger.
A Classic
Willie Veasley :: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images
For hardcore analysis of last night's riveting NCAA title game, which left Butler's Willie Veasley despondent, check out SI.com's college basketball page. For the lighter stuff, I give you three solid items. 1) Jon Scheyer was so amped about winning a championship that he tweeted his phone number and asked fans to holler at him. 2) The Indianapolis Star, which caused a stir last week, had a glitch with its Web site last night, which resulted in this. 3) And this is what the scene at Duke looked like at the end of the game and immediately afterward.
One Shining Disaster
It was very hard to do Hot Clicks this morning because I had to wade through about five million e-mails from readers who were not happy with CBS' latest installment of One Shining Moment. Some folks are even taking their anger to the One Shining Moment Wikipedia page. A sample of the e-mails: Adam W., of Akron, Ohio, says, "Jimmy, is it just me, or did CBS ruin One Shining Moment? What were with all the shots to Jennifer Hudson in the studio? No one cares, we want the basketball footage. Also, the song was ruined with all the 'yeah yeahs' and way too long notes. Why did CBS have to mess with a good thing?" Aaron Terranova, of Greensboro, N.C., says, "Love the One Shining Moment videos you have posted. So, how much did last night's suck? 1) Jennifer Hudson oversang it and butchered it. 2) Why are they showing her during the video? Do we care? The opening line: 'The ball is tipped' should be video of, uh I don't know, how about basketball? 3) The music was off, and remixed into a piss-poor version. Sorry, but I actually look forward to this every year, and just when I thought CBS could not screw it up more (why the heck was Raftery not doing the game???!!!) they manage to amaze me."Cory, of L.A., says, "The worst One Shining Moment ever! What happened to showing the jump ball at the beginning for 'The ball is tipped'? Instead they show her singing the song. AWFUL!"And Chris Hurney, of Chicago, says he fired off this letter to CBS: "I am utterly appalled at what I just listened to with One Shining Moment. This is a tradition that has caused me and my friends, who are now in our mid-30s, to cry. One of the greatest tournaments ever happened this year. It deserved to have the stage. This rendition by Jennifer Hudson stole away my happy tears and one of the last pieces of innocence I have. I look forward to this song every year and to see the highlights of the tournament as it reminds me how precious shining moments are, and I always fondly look back to how I experienced watching these great games with my friends. To have this woman scream and screech, to have her even on the screen while singing, it is disgusting. This is about the kids and the tournament. Not about some diva showing us how great her chops are. What a disgrace. The greatest tournament ever will soon be ruined by going to 96 teams and the greatest ending to the tournament is ruined by this performance tonight. But if it means never having Hudson sing this again by going to 96 teams then I will take it. Thanks for nothing. The only tears I shed tonight were tears of agony."
Not The Time Nor The Place
I can't fully explain this next link, but it's worth checking out. You Been Blinded has unearthed bizarre video of former Orlando Magic sharpshooter Dennis Scott acting quite bizarrely at a basketball camp for children in 1997.
Sports Video Of The Day
Jason, of Republic, Mich., says, "What a great national championship game. Unfortunately we had to listen to Clark Kellogg gushing over Duke all game long. Why can't Gus Johnson announce the national championship game? I mean, everyone loves his games. Could you imagine if he woulda been announcing the ending?! Instead we got 10 seconds of silence. Really? I made a video, put it on YouTube and hope to get as many people to vote on it as possible. If we get a high number, I'll send it into CBS. I just ask for Gus Johnson to do the national championship game next year. Let's make our voices be heard!"

Erin Andrews Video Of The Day
Here is Erin Andrews' performance from last night's Dancing with the Stars. I'm really getting tired of the old judge ripping her for no reason!

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