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Opening Up The Hot Clicks Mailbag
Natalia Velez :: Esteban Escobar

In today's A.M. Hot Clicks and on Twitter, I asked people to send me questions for an all-reader Mailbag edition for my last column of 2012. As always, Hot Clicks Nation came through with a good mix of ridiculous, yet important questions. Here we go.

Chris, of Riverside, Calif.: It would be neat to know who is the Lovely Lady of the Year. You know, which lady was featured the most in Hot Clicks? My money would be on Natalia Velez, and that would be a great way to end the year with another feature on her.

-- I don't have the numbers handy but off the top of my head, in terms of traffic, reader e-mails and my own preference, the top five candidates would be Velez (who dominated Hot Clicks in May), Rosie Roff, Lisalla Montenegro, Ashley Sky and Jaime Edmondson. Speaking of Jaime...

@ItIsHighItIsFar: With Jamie Edmondson becoming a mom, are you going to debut a MILF Of The Day section on Hot Clicks?

-- I'm pretty sure this question is offensive, but that didn't stop me from forwarding the inquiry to Jaime to get her take. She said, "First off, I would be surprised if anyone would wanna see a piece of this right now as I am officially starting my third trimester...unless they just focused on my enormous baby feeders. However, if there was a demand for a MILF photo, than who am I to deny the people what they want and I will supply a 'spruced up' photo from my maternity shoot next month. However, it would only be fair if Jimmy put a disclaimer next to the link so that no one can complain when their eyes hurt."

Craig, of Ebensburg, Pa.: Good job this year, Jimmy. Comment: What the world needs is for Tim Tebow to be traded to the Patriots and be forced to room with Gronk. Ha! It would be like the Odd Couple, only better because of the porn stars. Suggestion: Natalia Velez. Have a great new year!"

-- Well, we already know how Gronk feels about Tebow. As for your suggestion, I already took care of that.

@ColinMeans: What is the craziest story you've posted that you originally thought may have been fake?

-- That's a great question. Since I've been writing Hot Clicks for so long, it's very, very rare that something surprises me anymore. I think the craziest story that I couldn't believe when I first heard it was Adriana Lima dating Marko Jaric. That's when I fully realized that the life of an athlete is something special.

@AyoOmarComin: Worst bad beat in last fives years, and does Belk Bowl top the list?

-- The last bad beat is always the worst bad beat, so right now it would be hard to top the Belk Bowl. The worst I ever experienced, though, was one time in college when I liked to dabble in betting baseball (which is basically like drinking poison, because you won't survive doing it). I lost a wager when a pitcher threw a wild pitch on an intentional walk. Can't get worse than that.

Brandon, of Riverside, Calif.: Jimmy, I'm an avid reader of Hot Clicks and look forward to each edition. In today's A.M. Hot Clicks, you talked about the bad beat in the Belk Bowl last night. I've had a few really bad beats myself and wondered if last night was the worst you have encountered or if you have had a worse one? Keep up the great work and Happy New Year!

-- I love seeing how many people who read Hot Clicks also bet the Belk Bowl.

Mike, of Dallas: Bowling Green getting 7.5 points. Over/Under at 46.5 (I am in several bowl pools for picks and over/unders). With three minutes to go, BG losing 22-20 with the ball heading out of their own end zone on the 12-yard line. The quarterback fumbles, San Jose State recovers. On the next series, SJSU's running back fumbles (TV cameras saw it) into the end zone and thru the end zone. The ruling on the field was that the runner was down and the refs said there was not indisputable evidence to overturn the call. SJSU scores on the next play, getting the OVER and the COVER. Anyone who gambles has lived a thousand of these.

-- More proof to back up the point I made in today's A.M. Hot Clicks: They only reason these bowl games are on TV is because of betting.

@mattdepoint: Hey, Jimmy, besides your boy Jeter, what athlete/celebrity would you like to be or hang around with for a day and why? Happy New Year!

-- Easy answer. BizNasty. Just look through his Twitter pictures. I don't think anyone has more fun.

Andrew, of Murfreesboro, Tenn.: Have you ever received a note of thanks from a girl who was featured as the Lovely/Notable Lady of the Day? On the flip side, has anybody ever been upset they were featured as the LLOD?

-- A lot of them will send an e-mail or a Tweet thanking me for featuring them. Some will even ask to be featured again. I don't recall anyone ever being upset except when you animals crash their website.

Slider (not Iceman's co-pilot), of San Francisco: Jimmy, love Hot Clicks, read it everyday. Congrats on another great year. Just wanted to share a page with you (tasteless plug for a fan page), but you said you were looking for an all reader submissions for your last Hot Clicks of the year. This page represents the voice of Sergio Romo's Slider...he's White Castle slider nasty and has some good baseball insights particularly about why the FanCave sucks, issues with HOF voting and how the Silver Slugger and Gold Glove awards could easily be resolved. Check it out.

-- I only posted that because I laughed at "White Castle slider nasty."

@Jr_Sabos83: What's your favorite sandwich?

-- I'm not a big sandwich guy. I hate lunch. I wish I could eat breakfast for all three meals. Therefore, my answer would be, bacon and egg on a roll. The egg has to be fried and it can't be overcooked. You need that yolk dripping out just a touch.

@EricBShaver: How many Oreos can you put down in one sitting?

-- Two sleeves. Easy. Need milk to dunk them in, though.

@gsandhu92: What is one story you are sick and tired of hearing about? Not including Tebow or the Jets.

-- It's not a story, but longtime readers of Hot Clicks know that if I get a submission and it has the word "dunk" or "trick shot" in it, I just delete it.

@BrownsFlyer: What is the best and worst thing(s) about doing Hot Clicks?

-- Best: 1) Getting funny/crazy emails from readers. 2) I can pretty much cover/write about what I want. Worst: 1) I have to be PG-13, but I'd like to be R. You should see some of the tremendous e-mails I've gotten today, but can't publish because I'd get in trouble. 2) Readers thinking I have anything do with ads that run in and around Hot Clicks. Not my department, people!

Brandon, Not sure if this is one you can answer or not, but who do you think will be on the cover of the 2013 Swimsuit Issue? Kate Upton back-to-backs? Or someone new, like Nina Agdal? Are you included in the decision process at all? And.... What did you think of the Rock of Ages movie? And, finally, how badly do you hope Curb Your Enthusiasm returns for Season 9?"

-- I'm not included on any decisions about anything having to do with the Swimsuit issue. Absurd, right? Anyway, I don't know who will be on the cover, but it is Kate Upton's world right now. Rock of Ages was EASILY one of the top five worst movies I've ever seen. I expected it be bad, and it was much worse. And I'd say I want Curb back very badly. I will never get tired of Larry David's unique take on the daily minutiae we encounter.

Todd, of Jacksonville, Fla.: Love Hot Clicks, it's the first thing I look for when reading news in the morning. Why did the caption change from Lovely Lady to Notable Lady? Keep up the good work and Happy New Year."

I'm amazed at how many people have asked me this over the past couple of weeks. I didn't think anyone read the words in Hot Clicks. Anyway, A.M. Hot Clicks used to feature a "Photo Gallery of the Day," but that became a little limiting, so I changed it to "Notable Lady of the Day." The P.M. Hot Clicks still has the "Lovely Lady of the Day."

Joe Mathieu, of Long Beach, Calif.: How many total Call Me Maybe parodies did you have on your site in 2012?

-- Too many. But in my defense, there wasn't a more popular song in 2012.

@RobNugent9: Who is the person you have been most shocked to meet? Who do you still want to meet?

-- I've said this before on Twitter, but interviewing Tom Brady in person was an extremely cool experience because Brady was completely different than what I expected. He had fun with the goofy questions I asked, couldn't have been nicer or more engaging, and actually seemed like he enjoyed the Q&A. Now, he could've been faking it, but if he was, he deserves an Oscar. The person I'd like to meet and interview in person would be The Rock. The dude is hilarious and I know he'd be entertaining as hell.

@NinjaDomoEsq: What would you rename Hot Clicks if you had to?

-- "The Clicks." The "Hot" is so cheesy, but I guess it's better to make sure nobody think they're Cold Clicks.

Tim Schmal, of San Antonio: Of all the likely NFL wild card teams, -- Indy, Cincy, Chicago (guessing), and Seattle (another guess) -- which team will go the farthest in the playoffs? Or are all four destined to a one-and-done post season? My money's on Seattle, if anyone.

-- Obviously, a lot depends on match ups, but I'd give Seattle and Cincinnati the best chances to advance. The Colts' defense isn't good enough and Jay Cutler will eventually kill the Bears. The NFL postseason has become about getting hot at the right time, and Seattle is the hottest team in the NFC. The Bengals' defense doesn't get enough attention, but they can definitely pull off a first-round win.

Peter Harpster, of Pasco, Wash.: An all-reader submitted edition of Hot Clicks? PLEASE take this opportunity to feature anything about the Seattle Seahawks.

-- How about a Russell Wilson tribute song?

Billy, of Boston: Well, hopefully your final Hot Clicks of the year is better than this edition of A.M. Clicks. Quite possibly the worst version you put out in 2012.

-- How did I do, Billy?

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