April 16, 2010
Green Men Invade The NHL Playoffs
Green Men :: YouTube

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The Green Men had a field day at last nights' Canucks-Kings playoff game. (Thanks to Mike, of Duvall, Wash.,Ethan Haug, of Choteau, Mt., Joe, of Ann Arbor, Mich., Matt, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Will Martinez, of Montreal, Canada, and Ron Sanderson, of Woodstock Valley, Conn., for the link.)
Determined To Remain A Hot Clicks Staple
Kim Kardashian, who clearly does not want disappear from this page, is now being linked to Real Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. Meanwhile, BestWeekEver.tv wonders if we'll soon see Kim in Sports Illustrated for Kids.
Stroke Of Genius?
Someone at Canadian sports Web site TSN.ca got overly excited about last night's Devils-Flyers game.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Erika Medina :: Katy Winn/Getty Images
Sam Miller, of Rochester, Minn., says, "Jimmy, you do great work and I came across this Web page of Erika Medina, who was in the "Woo Girls" episode of How I Met Your Mother. I thought she could grace us as the Lovely Lady of the Day.
For The Lost Fans
With just five episodes in the series remaining, I need to remind you to check out The Mandel Initiative, a podcast hosted by SI.com's college football guru, Stewart Mandel. You should also check out Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson hanging out with the Lost braintrust, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof.
Photo Of The Day
What's bigger than super size?
The Party Continues
Target Field
Stories about major league baseball players using Miley Cyrus' Party in the U.S.A when they come up to bat got a lot of attention this week. Well, according to reader James Irwin, the Miley madness is going strong. He says, "OK, so I had the joy of watching my Twins beat up the Red Sox on a beautiful sunny day OUTSIDE at the greatest ballpark, Target Field. Everything was great, except for one thing: At the beginning of the game they asked the fans what song they wanted to hear later in the game, and there it was as choice No. 3, Miley Cyrus, Party in the U.S.A. Sure enough, it won with over 75 percent of the vote. Is this the new Rick Roll?"
Sports Video Of The Day
This happened at the Reno Aces (Class AAA affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks) game on Wednesday night.

Commercial Of The Day
Via Buzzfeed.com comes this surreal commercial from the '80s for a porn descrambler box.

News Blooper Video Of The Day
The word "ice" cream can really turn unfortunate if you're not careful.

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