October 22, 2010
The Hot Clicks Celebrity NFL Picks Contest
Erin Andrews :: Heidi Gutman/Getty Images

Noah, of Madison., e-mailed Thursday to say: "I figured you'd be a good person to ask. If there isn't already an Erin Andrews-for-Saturday Night Live-host online campaign, shouldn't you start one? Nothing against Betty White, but come on?" First, don't disparage a legend like Betty White. Second, if E.A. can beat me in this week's Hot Clicks Celebrity NFL Picks contest, I'll consider starting the online petition to have her host SNL.

Andrews Traina
Steelers Steelers
Eagles Titans
Chiefs Chiefs
Falcons Falcons
49ers Panthers
Redskins Redskins
Buccaneers Rams
Ravens Ravens
Saints Saints
Seahawks Seahawks
Broncos Broncos
Patriots Chargers
Packers Packers
Giants Cowboys
Prop Bet Bonanza
Here are some of the fun prop bets offered by BoDog.com this week:

* Will Brett Favre be shown on TV pointing his finger in the air after throwing a touchdown pass Week 7 against the Packers?
Yes: -250
No: +170

* How many players will be fined by the NFL for helmet-to-helmet hits Week 7?
Over/Under: 1

* Who will be the last remaining winless team in the 2010 NFL Regular Season?
Carolina Panthers: +350
Buffalo Bills: -500

* Will the Dallas Cowboys make the playoffs?
Yes: +800
No: -1600

When Players And Fans Attack
In light of the Rick Rypien-Minnesota Wild fan altercation (which netted the Canucks player a six-game suspension) comes this solid gallery of famous player-fan incidents.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Jessica Chobot :: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images
Timothy Eastwick, of Boston, says, "Jimmy, I know you've featured Olivia Munn before in Hot Clicks, but you need to have another G4 host, Jessica Chobot, as the Lovely Lady of the Day." I agree.
The NFL Will Love This
Someone on the Vikings drew a diagram Thursday night to sum up the recent NFL controversy about hard hits. Luckily for us, punter Chris Kluwe took a photo of it and Tweeted it.
Tailgaiting Must Have
After this Sunday, we'll still have 10 weeks of NFL regular season games. So if you're attending one in person, you might want to get one of these tailgating grills with your favorite teams logo on it. You can also get one for 48 NCAA teams.
Hot Clicks NFL Picks Pool Update
Derek, of Portland, says, "Yo, Jimmy, are you doing well enough to divulge your name in the Hot Clicks Pick'em Pool?" My team name isn't hard to figure out. It's "Jimmy Traina." And I'm in 183rd place. Currently, there is a five-way tie for first place between hitech, jolrobin, Jook Master, mizzark15 and TheBigLead.
Social Media Video Of The Day
Dallas' Fox 4-DFW recently spoofed the social media madness that has taken over the world.

Commercial Of The Day
Brandon, of Mount Pleasant, Wis., says, "This might be the worst/best commercial I have ever seen and I had to share it with Hot Clicks Nation." And thank goodness you did, Brandon.

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