May 11, 2010
Worst Uniform Ever?
Kris Benson :: AP

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Bleacher Report recently came out with its list of the 25 worst jerseys in sports history and, frankly, I wasn't expecting that much. I've seen a million of these lists and generally they always include some combination of the 1980s Expos, the Bullets of the 1970s and the creamsicle-colored unis of the Buccaneers. But then I came across the hideous disaster pictured above, which the Pirates donned for one night in the summer of 1999. I think we have a winner!
We Built Sioux City
I was going to include this tribute to Sioux City as a video at the bottom of this page, but it's so tremendous that it deserves a higher spot. Trust me.
Can We Get This Guy a TV Show
I can't say enough good things about Gar Ryness (aka - Batting Stance Guy) but some network needs to do a pregame feature on him or give him a show because he is pretty incredible. Watch as he imitates the batting stances of the best mustached and bearded players in baseball.
Lovely Lady of the Day
Eva Longoria :: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images
In this morning's Hot Clicks, I asked men to write in and explain why they watch girly shows such as The Bachelor and Desperate Housewives. Many wrote in explaining that The Bachelor is worth watching because, as reader Dan Dove put it in question form, "Twenty or so hot and completely psycho chicks competing for a guy whose every move is an effort to get them into bed? Yes, please." Reader Casey Winn added: "The Bachelor is 60 minutes of hot women competing to see who can wear the least clothing without looking too trashy to scare the guy away. Throw in some high school catty drama and you've got yourself a show." These are both strong points and may convince me to give The Bachelor a 20-minute test drive the next time it's on. The explanations for watching Desperate Housewives were more simple: Jeff, of Lancaster, Pa. put it best: "Eva Longoria. Enough said." In fact, about 10 people wrote me with some variation of Jeff's answer. While I'm not sure Eva will convince me to watch Desperate Housewives, she definitely deserves to be Lovely Lady of the Day.
Two Notes on Erin Andrews
Last week Elisabeth Haselbeck of The View trashed the oufits worn by Erin Andrews on Dancing With the Stars last week, then made a teary apology the next day, stating that she had called Andrews and apologized. According to Andrews, this never happened. What did happen to Erin, however, was the discovery of this cameo in a cheesy infomercial for Darrin's Dance Grooves (appearance at the 45-second mark) which looks to be shot about a decade ago.
Coaching Freakouts
Popcrunch has compiled the Top 10 coaching meltdowns in sports history. I'm adding this video of Bobby Knight hurling a chair across the court as an honorable mention.
Vault Photos of the Day
When I'm not filling in for Jimmy, I run the SI Vault, SI's complete (and free) online archive. I also post old and sometimes embarrassing photos of athletes to the Vault Twitter feed. So if you want to see a 1986 photo of Jim McMahon and Hugh Hefner hanging at the Playboy mansion or a young Phil Jackson in overalls and carrying his bicycle, I suggest you follow the Vault Twitter feed.
Random Links
Tony Romo will be on The Biggest Loser tonight ... Here's a nice collection of grumpy Andy Rooney segments from 60 Minutes ... Get to know your state's representative at the Miss America pageant ... The coach of China's Olympic judo champion Tong Wen blamed pork chops for a failed drug test ... A guy in Tennessee stole beer from a gas station and then tried to return it minutes later because it was too warm.
Dr. J Video of the Day
Thirty years ago today, Julius Erving made one of the most memorable layups in NBA history.

NBDL Dunks Video of the Day
Check out the Top 10 dunks from the 2009-10 NBDL season.

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