May 21, 2010
Lost Weekend
Evangeline Lilly :: Christian Alminana/WireImage

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An action-packed sports weekend, filled with the NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, lame interleague play and the French Open, is upon us. But for many of you, the highlight will be the series finale of Lost on Sunday night. Before you watch the show, you should check out the latest Mandel Initiative podcast and Evangeline Lilly.
Irish Ire
As a way to get revenge for the controversial Thierry Henry handball incident that sent France to the World Cup, Ireland's Pizza Huts are offering free pizza for every goal scored against France in 2010 World Cup.
Best. Facebook. Page. Ever.
Brewers fans, you get an A+ for this one.
Bundle Up And You'll Be Fine
Who wouldn't want to see a Super Bowl played in these elements? :: Rick Stewart/Getty Images
Last week on Twitter, I mentioned that I've yet to hear one good reason why the Super Bowl should not be played in a cold weather city. I don't care if it's Lambeau Field, Giants Stadium, Soldier Field or wherever, I just want to see the Super Bowl become a real game again and not the fake event it is now. A few people on Twitter think it's a bad idea because said fans and media don't want to stay in a cold weather city for a week. Well, who cares about the media? The game should not be about the media. I mean, think about that. The Super Bowl should not be played in an NFL landmark, such as Lambeau Field, because some football writer wants to be able to go to the pool during the day and to parties at night? Absurd. And I know it's very important for former football players and C-list celebrities to pitch the crap they're selling on Radio Row, but I'd rather worry about, you know, the actual game. Two, who cares about the phony fans who attend the Super Bowl? Real, die-hard fans are not at the game. It's corporate people who couldn't care less about it. The elements play a role in EVERY SINGLE football game that's played during the season (except those in a dome). Why, then, is the biggest game of all manipulated NOT to have the elements play a role? I know it's all about money and the revenue generated by a week that's been turned into a circus, but can't the biggest event in U.S. sports be about what's on the field and not the bottom line? Anyway, you know how I know I'm right about all my points? Because Santonio Holmes disagrees with me.

Since We're Talking Football...
Here's a piece that compares teams to upcoming summer movie releases.
Erin Andrews' Biggest Fan
Nope, it's not me. It's this Red Sox minor league prospect Daniel Nava, who has left a ticket for E.A. to each of his games over the past three years.
Sports Video Of The Day
The most underrated "great" play in sports is the between-the-legs shot in tennis. Andy Roddick pulled it off yesterday.

Commercial Of The Day
Approximately six million of you e-mailed this Nike World Cup commercial to me. It must be good.

Jimmy Kimmel Video Of The Day
It doesn't look like there was a new Unnecessary Censorship last night, so here's a oldie but goodie.

Interview Of The Day
Since Maria Menounos is a Hot Clicks favorite and many of you have asked me to feature Chicago blogger Sarah Spain more often, here's a video of Spain interviewing Menounos.

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