July 29, 2008
Pop Culture Hot List
By Arash Markazi
1 Brett Favre
If this whole Favre controversy were a soap opera it would have jumped the shark back when the flip-flopping quarterback appeared on a special two-part On The Record with Greta Van Susteren. We fully expect he'll hold his next television interview with Nancy Grace.
2 Bon Jovi
Who was the biggest winner at this year's Arena Bowl? Sure the Philadelphia Soul took home the title but we'd rather get the prize their fans will get as team owner Bon Jovi will make good on a promise to give Soul fans a free concert after the team won it's first championship.
3 Kim Kardashian
Usually you only need to do one thing newsworthy to make it on the Hot List but "The Tush" was all over the place last week. Let's recap: She's already planning her wedding to Reggie Bush even though he hasn't been proposed to her, she's practicing for Dancing with the Stars even though she hasn't been asked on the show and got into it with Shanna Moakler about an affair with Travis Barker that never happened. Yep, much like her career, its been much to do about nothing.
4 Cristiano Ronaldo
We were partying on the roof of Hollywood hotspot Kress last week when we ran into Ronaldo chilling with the Galaxy's Abel Xavier and Adrien Grenier. Just when we thought the night couldn't get any better, Ronaldo scored his best highlight since the Champions League when he blew off Lauren Conrad like some groupie when she asked for a picture.
5 Manny Ramirez
While wondering if the MLB might consider expansion in Iraq, you know, since Manny would be willing to play there, we began to wonder if we'd still care about the Red Sox if Manny wasn't around to be, well Manny. After all, a Sox squad devoid of any "Manny Moments" would be as exciting as an episode of Entourage without any "Ari Moments."
6 Candace Parker
There might be something about Detroit that brings out the inner Ric Flair in basketball players. Whatever it is, Candace Parker can now add participating in the first WNBA brawl to her list of accomplishments.
7 Andrew Giuliani
We'd love to say that we're surprised by reports that Giuliani, the son of the former New York mayor, is a bully after he was kicked off the Duke golf team but Chris Farley called this one a long time ago.
8 Charles Barkley
While a certain mercurial receiver gets labeled as a hero for checking on the status of an injured writer before heading off to an after party, Sir Charles gives new meaning to the word, although you likely won't read about it on TMZ. Barkley has been helping send a busboy he met at a restaurant last year through school, writing the last check for the future graduate this week. "Don't worry about the ones you can't help, but the ones you can," he says.
9 Jamal Anderson
It's been a minute since the "Dirty Bird" dance was in style but we'd be interested to know what kind of dance Anderson has been practicing these days. Whatever it is, he should probably consider doing it without shots next time.
10 Dennis Haskins (a.k.a. -- Mr. Belding)
If we had asked you 15 years ago which Saved by the Bell cast member would parlay their semblance of fame on the show into a life of never-ending parties with buxom beauties, you would have picked Belding, right? At least he can still sing the show's unforgettable theme song in the presence of Tony Romo.

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