August 04, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
Tallahassee Tailgate
Florida State students know how to cheer, and how to tailgate. :: Bill Frakes/SI

In its inaugural "Tailgating Nation" post, Uncoached gives the nod to Florida State for being one of the country's prime tailgating schools. And really, who can argue with warm weather, a competitive football team and fans who look like Jenn Sterger.

Dressed to Impress

We're not sure what's worse, that Jimmy Clausen freely poses for pictures while clearly consuming alcohol, or that he wears a red-satin jacket and tasseled-T-shirt (not even hazing excuses the tassels, let's be honest).

Double Standard Drama

Shoplifting's illegal. Making inappropriate and alarming raps isn't. So how come DeMarcus Granger's still a Sooner and Josh Jarboe got the boot? The inquiring minds at Busted Coverage -- and at the Daily Texan -- want to know.

Eyes on the Tigers
The highly-touted Abdul Gaddy. :: Dustin Snipes/ICON SMI

The NCAA is investigating a call between FedEx CEO/Memphis basketball booster David Bronczek and FedEx employee/mother of highly sought-after recruit Abdul Gaddy. It's times like this when our cynicism gets the best of us, folks. Why must we assume that this 10-minute chat had anything to do with convincing Gaddy that her son should be a Tiger? Is it so hard to believe that a CEO, craving a little idle chit-chat, would dial-up a lowly customer service rep in Tacoma?

All About the Benjamins

The folks at Fire Jay Mariotti have some issues with the new college football rule changes and the motives behind them.

News Feed Alert

The disturbing trend of Facebook validating or invalidating human relationships continues. Stephanie Rice and Eamon Sullivan, the "golden couple of Australian swimming," recently broke up and announced the news to the world by posting it on Facebook. Clearly they don't realize that the news feed (affectionately known as the "stalker feed" here at SIOC) makes actual news posts about the death of long-term relationships totally unnecessary.

Got Sharpies?

As you prepare to head back to campus (or to throw a nostalgic post-grad ragger), check out this list of the best party themes.

Hollywood Square Sucked, Too

In case you've forgotten (or in case you're blissfully ignorant and never knew), there was a Gilligan's Island game for the NES. Topless Robot has bestowed a substantial (dis)honor upon it: the worst-ever Nintendo game based on a TV or movie property. Check out the other seven that gave GI a run for its money.

Pop Culture Nugget

Are these TV/movie clowns cuddly, or incredibly creepy?

Today In Hot Clicks
Ashlee Simpson :: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

What to expect this season on Hard Knocks ... Most ridiculous bobbleheads ... Olympics links ... Gary Coleman's baseball debut ... Giambi shaves ... Video: Hitler on Favre ... Great horse racing call.

Odds and Ends

Georgia tops the preseason Coaches' Poll for the first time in school history ... Michigan State's women's golf coach has been sued for illegal music downloading ... Ohio politicians use campaign funds to buy Ohio State tickets ... All you fake-diploma buyers out there, be afraid, be very afraid.

Dramatic Kitty

Not quite as good as the legendary Dramatic Chipmunk, but quite enjoyable, indeed.

Sticking with the Animal Theme...

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog gave a lovely speech at this year's Comic Con convention.

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