October 12, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest
Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson : Amanda Edwards/Getty Images
Three items from yesterday: 1) Did Fox really air this bit that mocked Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson's weight on its pregame show? 2) Seahawks running back Owen Schmitt committed the stupidest play that happened before a game. 3) San Francisco defensive back Dre Bly committed the stupidest play that happened during a game.
College Football Roundup

Judging by his halftime interview, the hot seat really must be getting to Bobby Bowden. ... Here's the most bizarre play of the weekend (at the 23-second mark). ... And here are your signs from GameDay

Don't Forget That Other Football League

Now, I'm not sure how much we're going to cover the UFL in Hot Clicks, but I can tell you this: If the league keeps churning out horrendous sideline reports that leave me laughing out loud, it'll be a mainstay in this space.

Celebration Observation
Joe Torre
Joe Torre :: Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

The Dodgers, Angels and Yankees celebrated series-clinching victories over the weekend. And while the beer and champagne get sprayed around the clubhouse (causing some players, such as Torii Hunter and Mark Teixeira to sport ridiculous goggles) and players down their beverages from the bottle, Joe Torre opted to stay classy and use a champagne glass.

This Definitely Beats A Petition

"Fire (Insert Coach)" Web sites pop up all the time, but it'll be hard to top BagKrag.com, which is asking for the dismissal of Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe.


Here's a gallery of soccer players showing off their impressive acting skills.

Random Links

The 10 dumbest things to buy at a dollar store. ... A photo gallery of old-school cell phones. ... The 25 ugliest dogs on the planet.

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Sports Video Of The Day
You may have seen Ray Lewis' sick hit on Chad Ochocinco yesterday, but you haven't seen it like this.
TV Theme Songs Video Of The Day
A medley of '90s sitcom themes songs -- the a cappella versions.
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