By Chris Mannix
June 22, 2010
Top 40 NBA Free Agents (cont.)
Ronnie Brewer
Age: 25 | 2009-10 Team: Jazz/Grizzlies | Position: SG
'09-10 Stats: 8.8 ppg, 48.7% FG, 3.2 rpg, 1.6 spg
Status: Unrestricted
The Grizzlies didn't extend Brewer a qualifying offer (for $3.8 million) that would have made him a restricted free agent, a surprising move considering they gave up a conditional first-round pick to get him at the trade deadline and because the active swingman could be a cheaper alternative with Gay no lock to return. Brewer, a decent scorer and aggressive defender, is a perfect fit for a team seeking to upgrade its bench.
Udonis Haslem
Age: 30 | 2009-10 Team: Heat | Position: PF
'09-10 Stats: 9.9 ppg, 49.4% FG, 8.1 rpg
Status: Unrestricted
Haslem has been a model of consistency with the Heat, averaging between 9.3 and 12.0 points and 7.8 and 9.1 rebounds in each of the last six years. He lost his starting job to Michael Beasley last season and, with the Heat actively pursuing a power forward, it's likely Haslem's future is elsewhere. Still, if he is willing to accept a reduced salary, the Heat would love to have him back.
Al Harrington
Age: 30 | 2009-10 Team: Knicks | Position: PF
'09-10 Stats: 17.7 ppg, 43.5% FG, 5.6 rpg
Status: Unrestricted
Buyer beware: Harrington's numbers are solid and he wasn't considered a bad locker-room guy in New York (he accepted a bench demotion without complaint last season), but he's a bit of a chucker and the ball tends to stop moving when it hits his hands. Over the last three years, he has averaged 1.5 assists per game.
Matt Barnes
Age: 30 | 2009-10 Team: Magic | Position: SF
'09-10 Stats: 8.8 ppg, 48.7% FG, 5.4 rpg, 1.6 spg
Status: Unrestricted
Barnes is cut from the James Posey cloth, a physical defender essential to any championship roster. Barnes fizzled for Orlando in the playoffs -- his points and field-goal percentage dropped significantly -- and he is probably better suited for a reserve role than a spot in the starting lineup.
Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Age: 35 | 2009-10 Team: Cavaliers | Position: C
'09-10 Stats: 7.4 ppg, 44.3% FG, 5.4 rpg
Status: Unrestricted
Ilgauskas' production dropped with his minutes as the Cavaliers struggled to find a role for their longtime center after acquiring Shaq. Still, Big Z is healthy -- he has played at least 64 games in each of the last eight seasons -- and his ability to knock down perimeter shots is a valuable skill. Chicago, which will likely lose Brad Miller, could be a good fit.
Mike Miller
Age: 30 | 2009-10 Team: Wizards | Position: SG
'09-10 Stats: 10.9 ppg, 50.1% FG, 48.0% 3PT, 6.2 rpg, 3.9 apg
Status: Unrestricted
Miller is a shooter who, over the last few years, has just stopped shooting. His three-point attempts have dropped from 7.1 per game in 2006-07 to 3.2 last season. His stroke is still strong, but he needs to use it more often. Miller is young enough to adjust, making him a valuable commodity for a contender.
Brad Miller
Age: 34 | 2009-10 Team: Bulls | Position: C
'09-10 Stats: 8.8 ppg, 43.0% FG, 4.9 rpg
Status: Unrestricted
Miller had his worst statistical season in a decade, ceding the frontcourt spotlight to Joakim Noah. Still, he played in all 82 games (starting 37 of them) and remains a prolific passer out of the high post. He still has a couple of decent seasons left as a backup for a contender.
Travis Outlaw
Age: 25 | 2009-10 Team: Trail Blazers/Clippers | Position: SF
'09-10 Stats: 9.1 ppg, 39.1% FG, 38.1% 3PT, 3.6 rpg
Status: Unrestricted
The Clippers coveted midseason acquisition Outlaw more for his expiring contract than his play, so they will be looking to replace him this summer. Outlaw is a decent three-point shooter who can occasionally finish at the rim and create his own shot. But his defense is suspect and he doesn't scream future starter. He's only 25, however, and perhaps some sage coach can mold him into a more complete player.
Nate Robinson
Age: 26 | 2009-10 Team: Knicks/Celtics | Position: PG
'09-10 Stats: 10.1 ppg, 40.1% FG, 39.0% 3PT, 2.9 apg
Status: Unrestricted
Robinson is an ideal bench player with Vinnie Johnson-esque scoring skills. But he wore out his welcome in New York and word is he has done the same in the Boston locker room. If he could find a way to tone down his personality, he would be a solid player for the Celtics -- who clearly need punch off their bench -- to re-sign. He also could be attractive to a small-market team looking to sell a few tickets.
Jermaine O'Neal
Age: 31 | 2009-10 Team: Heat | Position: C
'09-10 Stats: 13.6 ppg, 52.9% FG, 6.9 rpg, 1.4 bpg
Status: Unrestricted
O'Neal still believes he can be an All-Star. Problem is, no one else in the NBA thinks he can. O'Neal can still score but doesn't have any lift in his legs -- he hasn't cracked seven rebounds per game in the last three seasons -- thanks to a variety of knee injuries. The Heat want his cap space (he made $23 million last season), though they could plug him into a sign-and-trade deal.
Steve Blake
Age: 30 | 2009-10 Team: Trail Blazers/Clippers | Position: PG
'09-10 Stats: 7.3 ppg, 41.6% FG, 39.5% 3PT, 4.8 apg
Status: Unrestricted
Blake is the quintessential backup point guard. He doesn't wow you with athleticism, but he rarely turns the ball over (Blake has never averaged more than 1.7 turnovers in a season), shoots the three well and knows how to run an offense. He doesn't attack the rim often and his defense is just OK, but for a backup, he's solid.
Linas Kleiza
Age: 24 | 2009-10 Team: Olympiakos (Greece) | Position: SF
'09-10 Euroleague Stats: 17.1 ppg, 48.0% FG, 34.9% 3PT, 6.5 rpg
Status: Restricted (Nuggets) -- $2.7 million qualifying offer
Kleiza had a successful year with Olympiakos, finishing among the top Euroleague scorers while making a ton of money ($6 million) doing it. There are reports that Kleiza, who has an opt-out clause in his contract to return to the NBA, is interested in coming back. He's a physical defender who can knock down jump shots, but he will be hard-pressed to find an NBA team to meet his salary and minutes demands.
Channing Frye
Age: 27 | 2009-10 Team: Suns | Position: C
'09-10 Stats: 11.2 ppg, 45.1% FG, 43.9% 3PT, 5.3 rpg
Status: Unrestricted
Frye experienced a renaissance season in Phoenix, morphing into a lethal three-point shooter in the Suns' free-flowing offense. Though not a great defender, he did a credible job on Tim Duncan in the conference semifinals and torched the Spurs from the perimeter (12-of-22 from long distance in the series). Frye will get plenty of interest, but given how well he played in Phoenix, he would be crazy to go anywhere else.
Randy Foye
Age: 26 | 2009-10 Team: Wizards | Position: SG
'09-10 Stats: 10.1 ppg, 41.4% FG, 34.6% 3PT, 3.3 apg
Status: Unrestricted
The revamped Wizards declined to extend Foye a qualifying offer, making him an unrestricted free agent. Foye is a lousy shooter but he is careful with the ball (1.3 turnovers in 23.8 minutes last season) and has had moments of being a prolific scorer.
Tracy McGrady
Age: 31 | 2009-10 Team: Rockets/Knicks | Position: SF
'09-10 Stats: 8.2 ppg, 38.7% FG, 25.0% 3PT, 3.3 apg
Status: Unrestricted
McGrady is a shell of his former self, but a healthy summer spent working on conditioning could bring him back to a high level. McGrady showed flashes in his half-season in New York and might be a cheap alternative for a team looking for a featured scorer. It's a risk, though. At 31, there is a good chance McGrady won't make it all the way back.
Jordan Farmar
Age: 23 | 2009-10 Team: Lakers | Position: PG
'09-10 Stats: 7.2 ppg, 43.5% FG, 37.6% 3PT, 1.5 apg
Status: Unrestricted
The Lakers made Farmar an unrestricted free agent by foregoing a $3 million qualifying offer. Farmar doesn't dish many assists or turn the ball over much in the triangle offense, and he's been a decent shooter throughout his career. If he goes elsewhere, it'd be interesting to see how he adjusts after four years in the triangle.
Josh Howard
Age: 29 | 2009-10 Team: Mavericks/Wizards | Position: SF
'09-10 Stats: 12.7 ppg, 40.5% FG, 3.6 rpg
Status: Unrestricted
A torn ACL ended his time in Washington after four games; before that Howard was enduring a nightmare season in Dallas. But if healthy, Howard could be another bargain pickup. He is a versatile forward with the potential to score 17 to 19 points and shoot a respectable percentage.
Amir Johnson
Age: 22 | 2009-10 Team: Raptors | Position: PF
'09-10 Stats: 6.2 ppg, 62.1% FG, 4.8 rpg
Status: Unrestricted
Johnson isn't much of a shooter, but he's a scrapper who picks up a lot of hustle points around the rim. Johnson is undersized for a power forward but is a capable defender with a long wingspan. His numbers spiked across the board after the All-Star break -- a good sign for a developing player.
Anthony Morrow
Age: 24 | 2009-10 Team: Warriors | Position: SG
'09-10 Stats: 13.0 ppg, 46.8% FG, 45.6% 3PT, 3.8 rpg
Status: Restricted -- $1 million qualifying offer
Morrow can shoot: He took 491 threes in his first two years and made 46 percent of them. The question is, Can he do anything else? Not many players played D in Golden State last season, Morrow included. But he is worth a long look from a team in need of a stretch-the-floor shooter.
Roger Mason
Age: 29 | 2009-10 Team: Spurs | Position: SG
'09-10 Stats: 6.3 ppg, 38.9% FG, 33.3% 3PT
Status: Unrestricted
Mason's production dipped in his second season in San Antonio, a by-product of losing minutes to Richard Jefferson and George Hill. More concerning were the dips in his field-goal percentage (42.5 to 38.9) and three-point percentage (42.1 to 33.3). Mason's future is in a reserve role somewhere -- just not San Antonio.

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