June 12, 2009
Friday, June 12
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Pat Riley to take over Cavaliers?
According to these latest rounds of rumors, the Cavaliers are supposedly upset with Mike Brown's tank job as coach during Cleveland's loss to Orlando in the Eastern Conference Finals. Pat Riley is supposed to leave South Beach for the Great Lakes, ditch Dwyane Wade for LeBron James, replace Brown and do for Cleveland what he did in leading Miami to the NBA title in 2006. Except for one thing. It ain't happening. Unless, maybe, he could somehow convince Wade to join him.
(Miami Herald)
Phillies jersey buried under Mets field?
Several media outlets in the New York metropolitan area, including The Star-Ledger, got an anonymous e-mail Thursday from a supposed construction foreman claiming to have buried three Phillies jerseys under Citi Field. I'm not buying it, but I'll post the e-mail below so you guys can look at it and let me know what you think. "I work for Hunt Construction. I was a foreman at Citi Field. There are 3 Phillies Jerseys buried in the ball park. As a lifelong Phillies fan, I felt it was my duty to jinx the Mets. I'm not telling you my real name for obvious reasons. The jerseys are: 1. Under the Fanwalk bricks. 2. Jackie Robinson Rotunda in the vicinity of the Ticket Office window. 3. Near the vicinity of the '47 Shop near right field.
(Newark Star-Ledger)
Ochocinco's tattoos are fake
Bengals wide receiver Ochocinco is full of surprises this week, and he's now sprung yet another. Late Wednesday, the flamboyant wide receiver had three tattoos implanted on his face. On his right cheekbone are two crosses. Ochocinco then had a miniature map of the state of Florida, his home state, inked into his left cheekbone.On the bridge of his nose, Ochocinco now has the letters OC, presumably to tout his name, which was legally changed in a Florida court in 2008. But on his Twitter feed Thursday, Ochocinco said they were fake. "The entire twitt (sp) world and media outlets got punked, that was my twitt joke from yesterday, they follow I'll have fun with it," he wrote. "My grandma would kill me if I had d--- facial tatts!!! Fun while it lasted, back to normal, I felt different to," he said.
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Derek Fisher celebrates in the final seconds of the Lakers' overtime win over the Magic in Game Four of the 2009 NBA Finals at Amway Arena in Orlando., (Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images)
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Stan Van Gundy offers another example of why he may be the most practical coach in the NBA.
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Penguins vs. Red Wings, 8 p.m ET, NBC
The Stanley Cup comes down to a Game 7 showdown.
Pittsburgh Penguins
Detroit Red Wings
This Day In Sports History

SI Vault: More Michael Jordan
1991 -- Michael Jordan wins his first NBA championship with 4-1 Finals win over Magic Johnson and the Lakers.
1990 -- Rickey Henderson becomes second player in baseball history to steal 900 bases.
1990 -- Cal Ripken Jr. plays 1,308th consecutive game, moving into second place all time.

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