September 21, 2012
Ten Funniest Sports People on Twitter
Everyone's a comedian on Twitter. Or at least thinks he or she is. But this group below proves daily there are plenty of people in sports who have mastered the 140-character one liner. Sure, choosing the funniest sports people on Twitter is a subjective task but whether it's Lolo Jones's rifting on not finding love to the Iron Shiek's pro football commentary, we feel confident that you'll find plenty of funny with this Ten Spot below.
1 Paul Bissonnette
The philosopher-hockey player ("How long should you run hot water over your toothbrush before you use it again if you accidently drop it in the toilet?") lives out loud on Twitter, offering fans endless insight into his life. Whether you want it or not.
2 Onion Sports Network
The self-proclaimed finest sports news source in America, the Onion brilliantly skewers those on the field and in the press box. When Andy Roddick retired, the Onion Sports Network acknowledged him for walking away from the sport while at the peak of his competitors' careers.
3 Lolo Jones
Buzzfeed called Jones "the Olympian version of Liz Lemon and it's an apt description. Her Twitter feed is a laugh-out-loud funny about her endless singledom ("Shout out to all the single people, miserable, eating ice cream, watching tv"), and she's wickedly good when she responds to people mocking her.
4 Eric Stangel
The comedy credentials are strong -- he's the head writer and executive producer of Late Show with David Letterman -- and his feed is regularly filled with 140-character riffs on sports. Roger Goodell would be wise to avoid this feed as Stangel has been killing the replacement refs lately.
5 Brandon McCarthy
Nothing keeps this baseball funnyman down, not even surgery to fix a skull fracture. He and his wife Amanda often go back and forth on Twitter with routine hilarity, and his post-surgery tweet to his wife regarding a threesome will go down as one of the most memorable sports tweets of the year.
6 Jay Bilas
Part basketball analyst, part lawyer and full-time Young Jeezy enthusiast, Bilas is at his hilarious best when tweeting out the rapper's lyrics between more sober tweets on college basketball. The rapper returned the favor a couple of months ago by name-checking Bilas in a remix to his E40's Function.
7 The Iron Sheik
His feed is expletive-filled, confrontational and somewhat confusing- and that's why we love it. The former pro wrestler isn't afraid to share his opinions on pro football ("reggie bush impress me big time"), pop culture ("Britney the real or dumb?") and politics ("michelle obama new country old country or the Swiss country way?"). What more do you need in a Twitter feed?
8 Jose Canseco
Whether he's complaining about taxes, politicians or taunting tweeps ("Where will I appear next? Time will tell haters"), the former Bash Brother has one of the zaniest (often unintentionally) feeds on Twitter. He's never more amusing than when discussing the possibility of time travel.
9 Drew Magary
He's not for everybody and stay far away if you prefer a safe-for-work Twitter feed. But if you can handle the language, the Deadspin and Gawker writer is a hilarious observer of sports and often delivers spot-on observations during games.
10 Tom Crabtree
From live tweeting HGTV's House Hunters to random music commentary ("If you think about it, The Beatles really only had about 40+ good songs.") to his epic tweet after scoring on a fake field goal against the Bears in Week One ("Wow! What a night! Anyone else see that incredible season premiere of 'Glee'??"), Crabtree is one of the funniest pro athletes on Twitter. We're glad he's back tweeting regularly again.

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