May 27, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
Soccer's Derek Jeter
Gemma Atkinson
Gemma Atkinson :: Phillip Massey/Getty Images

Hot Clicks often has fun with the antics that take place in European soccer. But today is the sport's version of the Super Bowl (2:45 ET kickoff) when Manchester United battles FC Barcelona in the Champions League final. One player who'll be in action is Man U's Cristiano Ronaldo, who makes headlines in the blogosphere for his off-the-field prowess (his relationship with actress Gemma Atkinson did not end well) just as much as he does for his on-field prowess. If you don't believe me, just check this out.

Opposing Views

Blaze of Love thinks the Denver Nuggets are the most entertaining team in sports. Rumors and Rants says there are plenty of reasons to hate them. Either way, it'll be interesting to see how tonight's Lakers-Nuggets game is called because the NBA might end the season if it gets a Magic-Nuggets Finals when it could've had LeBron vs. Kobe.

Who's Ready For Their Big Break?

If you or someone you know looks like Ben Affleck and can play golf, you could be in the actor's next movie because he needs a double.

It's Time To Rock The Vote
Dodgers fans
Dodgers fans :: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images
Jason, of Scarsdale N.Y., says, "In a fit of insanity, I created a new Web site called 'Vote for Manny.' Why would I possibly try to help Manny get elected as a starter to the 2009 All-Star Game? Simple. I think it'd be wonderful to watch MLB (Selig & Co.) uncomfortably try to figure out a new policy on the fly to keep him out of the game. Rather than proactively enact a rule similar to the NFL's 'Shawne Merriman rule,' the league is simply hoping that good ol' Manny doesn't get voted as a starter. They can then strong-arm manager Charlie Manuel into not selecting Manny. (Even if Joe Torre is his bench coach!) Except one thing: We're here to make sure Manny makes the top three. VOTE FOR MANNY, 2009 ALL-STAR GAME STARTER! Please help me spread the word. We need to see Selig & Co. sweating at the podium, trying to figure out how the heck they can handle this Manny situation."

This is awesome. I try not to ask you guys for much, but I support this plan 100 percent and you MUST vote for Manny. We need to make this happen. This would help make up for all of the steroid stories we fans have endured. Plus, the All-Star Game is a joke. Manny currently is in fourth place in the NL outfield voting. I know Hot Clicks nation can get him to third place. Start voting!

One More Reason To Vote For Manny

Major League Baseball will try to sell fans anything, including scratch-and-sniff hats.

Pool Shark

This dude is a better pool player than you -- and he's not even 2 years old.

Twitter And Faceboook
Sports Video Of The Day

I'm not linking this for the potshots at hockey. I'm linking to it because of the brilliant way they spoof SportsCenter. "Grab your towel and flip flops because we're answering that question in the steam room." Hahahahaha! (Thanks to Chuck, of Las Vegas, for the link.)

Cool Flip Video Of The Day

Martin, of Billings, Mont., asks, "How many times did this guy fall on his head before he stuck the landing?"

Bad Commercial Of The Day

This really isn't a commercial. It's a PSA. And it's a complete disaster. The sad thing is that there seems to be a series of these creepy spots. Here's another. (Thanks to Eric G., of Phoenix, for the links.)

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