July 11, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
Old Joy
Hugh Hefner: proof that as you age, life just gets better. :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Good news for all you recent grads who feel you've got nothing to look forward to except bills, unemployment and eventual death and decay -- new studies from the University of Texas, University of Chicago and Duke University show that we actually get happier as we age. So as you march steadily toward the grave, let this study (and Hugh Hefner) be your inspiration.

NCAA 2009: Wanted Man Edition

With the release of NCAA 2009 rapidly approaching (it hits stores July 15), we bring you the fruit of yet another blog's foray into the art of fake-cover making.

Tiger Tough

Speaking of NCAA 2009, start your mental prep with The Rant's list of the game's 25 toughest stadiums (topped by LSU).

Dynamic Duos
Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin might be the most dynamic duo in college football. :: AP

The recent wave of superhero movies got the folks at Bleacher Report thinking about comrades in crime and inspired them to put together a list of the top 10 dynamic duos in college football. And, surprise, surprise, Florida's Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin are No. 1.

CSI, Penn State

In case you missed it, Crime Scene University premiered last night on Investigation Discovery. Over the four-episode series, 12 Penn State students enrolled in a forensic science class will face off to crack mock crime scenes (editorial suggestion: why not use the real crime scenes the football team leaves in its wake?). College credit, TV time and detective role-play ... sounds pretty cool.

Creepy Facebook Item of the Day

Theoretically, Facebook is supposed to unite us in a digital web of wall posts, common interest groups and Scrabulous matches. But FriendBuster, a new application which lets users see the privacy restrictions their "friends" have on them, seems destined to tear us all apart. (NOTE: seems the story link has a bug attached, but we're leaving the post up, link-free, because you still need to know about this friendship-killer)

Scheduling Shenanigans

Inspired by last week's post on the kings of the cupcake schedule, The Wizard of Odds is taking a more in-depth looks at conferences' scheduling habits. Under the spotlight: the number of nonconference home games, nonconference road games, I-AA opponents and percentage of I-AA home opponents.

Right The Ship

Life is good for Pete Carroll. Not only does he helm one of the best college football programs in the nation, he also gets to drive aircraft carriers. Last month, Carroll and fellow Trojans Steve Smith, Matt Leinart, Brad Budde, Ron Yary and Jeremy Hogue visited U.S. Naval and Marine officers aboard a Pacific-bound carrier, and today the LA Times has the inside scoop, plus photos and an amusing video of Carroll at the wheel.

Pop Culture Nugget

Bet Dane Cook wishes he'd invested in a Pooper Scooper.

Today In Hot Clicks
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

LPGA golfers become models ... Milano sighting ... Manager sticks armpit in umpire's face ... Recapping the MLB first half with Bon Jovi songs ... Video: Corey Hart ambushed.

Odds and Ends

Bizarre twist: the Nebraska fan who created the fake Oklahoma story works at Texas ... Are college institutions turning a blind eye to their athletes' indiscretions? ... Online textbooks are the wave of the future and will save you insane amounts of money ... M Go Blog has some issues with a columnist's Michigan coverage.

"I Certainly Don't Want to Talk About That"

A reporter's question yesterday about Viagra and birth control caught John McCain off-guard, and the most awkward eight-seconds of everyone's life ensued.

Ready, Aim, Paint

If you can't afford a security system, rig an automatic paintball gun to fire at would-be intruders.

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