October 19, 2010
He REALLY Loves Jerseys

A little more than a year ago, Hot Clicks featured a video from rapper Tim Crispy titled "I Love Jersyes" in which he sings about his love of sports jerseys. He's now updated his Web site to include photos of every jersey he owns.
Does He Really Need The Cash?
Michael Jordan has put his 2007 Mercedes Benz on eBay. It can be yours for $429,998.00
Players Vs. Fans
The Malice at the Palace in 2004 was nothing compared to this fight that took place at a Hamilton's junior football playoff game over the weekend.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Gia Allemand :: Kevin Foley/Getty Images
A couple of weeks ago, I got a press release announcing that Gia Allemand will play Ava Gardner in an upcoming film directed by Brett Ratner about Hollywood's glory days. Allemand has been featured in Hot Clicks a couple of times in the past because she's the former girlfriend of Carl Pavano. But her photo gallery from Maxim.com is so good, it needs to be trotted out every now and then, so she gets today's LLOD honors.
More Fun With Miles
I love the creativity of college football fans. Last week, Hot Clicks told you about the Les Miles iPhone app. Today, we bring you this site dedicated to Miles' time mismanagement.
SI Vault Photo Of The Day
Lawrence Taylor hits the links in quite an outfit.
Sports Video Of The Day
This high school football announcer loses his mind and it's fantastic. (Thanks to Eric Easter, of Joneseboro, Ark., for the video.)

Entrance Video Of The Day
Today's A.M. Hot Clicks featured video of Kentucky women's basketball coach Matthew Mitchell doing "The Dougie" at March Madness. Jay Calkins, of Lexington, Kent., follows that up with this e-mail: "I saw your Big Blue Madness post about Coach Mitchell, and seeing as how you often have wrestling related posts, I wanted to let you know that Kentucky player, Enes Kanter, came out to The Undertaker's theme music while wearing the 'Taker's hat."

Commercial Of The Day
I'm taking the day off tomorrow so I can watch the Yankees play in the afternoon, so I feel like I have to leave you fine people of Hot Clicks Nation with something extra special while Andy Gray holds down the fort until Thursday. This commercial sent in by Thomas H., of The Hague, Netherlands, should do the trick.

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