June 01, 2010
Plea For Gia
Gia Allemand :: Maxim.com

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Loyal members of Hot Clicks Nation are familiar with Gia Allemand. She used to date Carl Pavano and was the Lovely Lady of the Day several months ago when she appeared on The Bachelor. She gets top billing once again for two reasons. One, the New York Post reports that she's back together with the Ottawa Senators Chris Campoli, which instantly puts Allemand at the top of any "Best looking sports WAGs" list. And two, every time I mention Allemand, the only gallery of her on the 'Net is this one from Maxim.com. Now, don't get me wrong. This isn't a complaint because the gallery is some of Maxim.com's finest work ever. This is more like a plea for a new photo shoot just to keep things fresh.
Today's "Courting LeBron" Update
So much LeBron, so little time. Today, we have video of the man behind InLeBronWeTrust.com getting slapped across the face by 23 different women to show what he'd do in order to keep LeBron in Cleveland. Meanwhile, a reverend in South Carolina based his sermon this past weekend on LeBron. Oh, yeah, he also wants LeBron to sign for $1 a season. As for the King himself, he attended a Drake concert, and did some rapping.
A Winning Season For One Magic Player
Orlando's Mickael Pietrus, who has always sported the shaved head look, bet his teammates that he could go the whole season without cutting his hair. He did, and ended up winning $17,000.
Blackhawks Take Over Chicago
Michael Jordan statue :: AP
The Michael Jordan statue outside of the United Center has been given this makeover as a show of support for the Stanley Cup run of the Blackhawks. Of course, since Jordan is involved, there has to be a sponsorship controversy. But at least the new-look statue worked out better than this disturbing tribute.
Speaking Of The Stanley Cup...
The Flyers, down 2-0, are off to a rough start, as evidenced by this video of Dan Carcillo taking out his own teammate. Hopefully, they'll turn things around for this 3-year-old fan, who will be a guest of the team's for Game 4 after they saw her recite the team's roster in this YouTube video.
The Title Alone Says It All
Eight Psychotic Overreactions by Adults at Youth Sporting Events.
Sports Video Of The Day
If you missed it on Sunday, check out this unbelievable crash that Mike Conway found himself in during the Indy 500.

Proposal Video Of The Day
Fellas, if you're planning to propose to the woman in your life any time soon, make sure she does not see this video. It'll just make you look bad. (Thanks to Buzzfeed.com for the video.)

Million Dollar Man Video Of The Day
It was brought to my attention that Virgil is back in the WWE as the valet of Ted DiBiase Jr., the son of the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase. It seems only appropriate to feature this clip that any wrestling fan in the '80s will remember as a classic.

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