February 19, 2010
TV/Movie Bonanza
Ben Affleck, Matt Damon :: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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Red Sox loyalist Ben Affleck is reportedly set to direct and potentially star in a movie based on a couple of Yankees pitchers who became famous in the '70s for wife swapping. Meanwhile, MLB Network's censors will work overtime this season because the White Sox's front office -- including salty-mouthed Ozzie Guillen -- will be the subject of a reality show. And last but not least, Spike TV has optioned a pilot about a golfer that sounds like it's been ripped from recent headlines.
Tiger Fallout
I'm going to take the easy way out on writing about Tiger Woods' speech by just telling you to read my Twitter page for plenty of commentary. I think it should jump to No. 1 on this list of the seven most uncomfortable sports press conferences. As for other Tiger links you should check out, the Sports Pickle has a solid spoof, as does The Onion, but I can't link to it because it's pretty hardcore, so just seek it out yourself.
Injury/Lawsuit Of The Day
This one is laughable.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Kelly Kelly :: Courtesy of WWE.com
Patrick, or Columbus, Ohio, says, "Jimmy, I think you need to make the WWE Divas a regular part of your Lovely Lady of the Day feature. You should start with Kelly Kelly (yes, that's her name). And if don't want to feature the Divas, how about Jewel? She's going to guest host Monday Night Raw this week." Nothing against Jewel, but I think I'll go with Kelly Kelly.
Random Sports Links
Another sneak peek at the Shakira-Rafael Nadal video. ... What is going on with the tattoos on J.R. Smith's neck? ... There is a Tony Kornheiser-Hannah Storm feud.
Random Non-Sports Links
A Craigslist ad (with lots of curses) about the best room for rent ever. ... The best detention note ever. ... Funny freeze-frame photos.
Sports Video Of The Day
The only thing worse than Tiger's performance today? The Golf Channel's Charlie Rymer crying on the air after the press conference. BIG thanks to Dan McQuade -- follow him on Twitter -- for posting the video.

Wedding Video Of The Day
These people got married in an Apple store.

Repeat Video Of The Day
This was in Friday's A.M. Hot Clicks. If you missed it, watch it now.

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