December 19, 2008
Tale of the Tape
Extra Mustard's Paul Tinelli looks at two guys who now share a name.
Greg White
Rupert Stilinski
"Stylez G" "Stiles"
Makes Money
Playing football Selling Teen Wolf paraphernalia at his high school
28 Years Old
In 2007 Jerry Levine's age when he played high school student "Stiles"
Ultimate Goal in Life
Super Bowl Ring To buy a keg of beer
Contemporaries With Stupid Names
Ocho Cinco Boof
You Probably Missed
His great years in the Arena Football League The extra with his fly down at the end of Teen Wolf
Dangerous Behavior
Playing in the NFL Surfing on top of the Wolf Mobile
Rushing the passer Wearing obscene T-shirts
How much he loves Teen Wolf Michael J. Fox could help his team beat Mick's team without the wolf
Person They Know Well Who Never Ages
Jon Gruden Michael J. Fox

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