July 30, 2008
How do sports stars fit in?
Hunter Pence
Astros OF

Camilo Villegas
PGA golfer

Joe Blanton
Phillies P

Candice Wiggins
Lynx G
My running mate would be.... My family I won't need one cuz, let's just say, i will never run for president My wife Kelis
Favorite movie of all time Cinderella Man Caddyshack Dumb and Dumber Waiting to Exhale
....is the secret to happiness Ice cream Balance I don't think there is one. Whatever makes you happy, makes you happy Optimism
TV show I never miss Saved by the Bell 24 I don't have one Project Runway/Gossip Girls
As a kid my favorite team was.... The Cowboys The national soccer team back home (Columbia) Kentucky men's basketball San Diego Chargers
Funniest person of all time Ty Wigginton David Feherty Larry the Cable Guy Charde Houston
I never met a ..... I didn't like Dog Birdie.... no eagle I don't have an answer for that one Sale
The last song I downloaded onto my iPod Handlebars by Flobots Bossa n Marley Find Out Who Your Friends Are by Tim McGraw Heaven Sent by Keisha Cole
It may be hot but.... We've got ice I don't wear Crocs or that Ed Hardy thing There's shade somewhere I will always go to the beach no matter how hot it is
Before I die I want to see.... The World Series A major trophy Baseball Hall of Fame Rome
Photographs by John Biever/SI; Mike Ehrmann/SI; Bennett Cohen/Icon SMI; Elaine Thompson/AP

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