July 16, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
Declared and Revealed
Want to know Pat White's and Michael Crabtree's major? :: AP: Bob Donnan/US PRESSWIRE

When your Heisman hopefuls aren't racking up yards on Saturdays, they're going to class just like other students (in theory). With that in mind, Bleacher Report lists the majors for these six Heisman frontrunners. Preview: only Pat White had the obligatory jock major (though Michael Crabtree doesn't seem to have a major at all).

Door-to-door Service

Imagine, if you will, that you live in a college town, and that one day the school's football players suddenly show up at your front door and offer you a $25 season ticket for all five home games. Sounds absurd on multiple levels, right? Not so much for the folks in Bowling Green, where members of the Western Kentucky football team will do just that from July 22-24.

Are You a "My Buddy Has it Player"?

Not all video gamers are the same, which is why Next Round's providing a guide to help you figure out which kind of NCAA Football 2009 player you are. If you make your girlfriend play against you when your friends aren't around, you're a "multi-player only player." If you benched your team's starter and created a dynasty around yourself and your rocket arm, you're an "I am my quarterback player." The list goes on.

Analyze This
Anna Chakvetadze was a psychology major. :: Andrea Comas/Rueters

You know how your parents always told you a psychology degree was useless? Well, we're not saying they were right, but Forbes kind of is. The major has grown 22 percent over the past decade, but despite pro athletes like Anna Chakvetadze singing its praises, it still came in second-lowest on the publication's list of the most lucrative college majors. The majors that bring in the biggest bucks: computer engineering (shocker ... not), economics (fitting) and electrical engineering (noticing a pattern, here?).

Roommate Revolt

Fall semester is only a month-and-a-half away, kids. Sick but true. As you prepare to move into your tiny dorm room, College Being wants you to know that if you hate your roommate, there are seven sure-fire ways (including asking him or her to hold hands in public, cuddle while watching TV, wash your dirty dishes or sleep with the lights on) to send him or her running out of your life and for the comfort of the student center lounge.

Calling all Flippers

Put the beer pong balls away and start practicing your flip cup, because this October brings the inaugural World's Largest Flip Cup Tournament to New York. Gather five of your friends and $180, and do it soon, because the field is limited to 64-teams.

Twitter Gets You Out of Jail

When Berkeley grad student James Buck got thrown in jail for taking pictures at an Egyptian protest, he sent a quick tweet to his network that said "arrested." Within 24 hours, his friends had gotten him a lawyer who sprung him from jail. Now, Buck is trying to create a global network help line for people in similar situations. The lesson: always bring your iPhone to Egypt.

College Courtship

Guys, here are five tips (courtesy of OTR) for courting that college lady. Predictably, three of the five in some way involve a toilet seat and/or vomit.

Pop Culture Nugget

Miley Cyrus would love to do a "younger, cleaner version" of Sex and the City (which we all know is inherently contradictory).

Today In Hot Clicks
Getty Images

Checking in with three celeb-athlete couples ... Female fan gets naked at SkyDome ... Casting a Pirates movie ... Piling on Packer ... Video: Jeter does Top 10 list ... Flying umbrella.

Odds and Ends

More shots of Erin Andrews, Tim Tebow and (most importantly) Tebow's Crocs ... Guess who's selling his 2005 NCAA championship ring ... This made us feel bad for celebrating the end of Billy Packer's CBS career ... In an event that epitomizes the meeting of youthful nostalgia and very-adult humor, Full House's Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) will lead Danny Tanner's (Bob Saget) roast.

PS3 or Die

This fanboy (and self-proclaimed Japanese culture expert) goes absolutely insane at the news that Final Fantasy 13 will be coming to Xbox. Warning: some strong language is involved.

Beach Back-flips

Nothing ruins a day at the beach like a face-plant in the sand.

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