May 03, 2010
Kobe Vs. LeBron
Kobe Bryant, LeBron James ::

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No, this isn't a preview of a potential NBA Finals matchup. This is a look at 25 Kobe Bryant and LeBron James lyrical references. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Surfing For Help
When you've been as bad as the Cleveland Browns have been for years, it's time to think outside the box and try different things. Signing an offensive lineman after only seeing clips of him in action on YouTube would qualify as thinking outside the box.
Injury Of The Day
Phillies pitcher Ryan Madson has landed on the DL with a toe injury after kicking a folding chair, which happened after he slipped while walking down a flight of steps.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Helena Mattsson :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images
The cast for Iron Man 2, out this Friday, is a who's who of A-list actors, but the person who'll make sure you check out is Helena Mattsson.
Not Sure This Is Wise
Hot Clicks featured Lions lineback Zack Follett twice last week. He made a video of his "crib" and then filmed himself buying a femine hygene product. His latest stunt? Asking his Twitter followers to give him a ride to the team's practice facility, and accepting one person's offer.
Irish Eyes Are Not Smiling
This next link was sent by tons of you over the weekend. I'll let a Notre Dame student explan. "Some say the day that Rockne died was the saddest day on the campus of Notre Dame. As a student here, that day was April 30, 2010. A music video entitled "We are ND" was released that disgraces everything that my school used to be. Now it is a shell of its former self that can't recruit, develop NFL players, win, or even have the common decency to not ruin the legacy of the alumni and its current student body. You need to see this to believe it. Just as a teaser, imagine Lady Gaga's twin brother "singing" about Notre Dame after only being on campus for five minutes. -- Ryan, University of Notre Dame, Class of '12"
Carmen Electra Shaves A Hot Clicks Reader
Carmen Electra, Newman Granger :: Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images
On Friday afternoon, Hot Clicks reader Newman Granger had the honor of getting his chest shaved by Carmen Electra. Unfortuantely, for Newman, Carmen didn't exactly do a thorough job, and he ended up looking like this. Luckily, Newman was very cool and took the whole thing in stride. He said, "For the rest of my life I can say Carmen Electra shaved my chest. Just too bad she couldn't finish the job." You can find many more pics from the event here.
Golf Tricks Video Of The Day
I can't imagine how turned on Tiger Woods would be by this video.

Sports Video Of The Day
Hot Clicks has featured this guy who catches home run balls at Dodger Stadium before, but this clip from over the weekend is especially amusing because he gets taunted by surrounding fans to throw back the ball (hit by the Pirates' Andrew McCutchen) and he has to quickly make excuses why he can't.

Music Video Of The Day
If I had to experience the pain of sitting through this, so should you!

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