November 26, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
A Hodgepodge of Thanks
We should all be thankful for Amanda (center) and the Oregon Ducks. :: Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography

Ah, Thanksgiving. The best day of the year (really, when else can we unapologetically gorge and watch sports and movies?). Here at SIOC, we're thankful for many things, like the fact that we had another year of stellar Cheerleaders of the week. It's a great feeling to post an Oregon gallery and see the smile on former SIOC guru Andy Gray's face (he's got a thing for Ducks). We're also thankful for all you clever fans, who have made putting weekly Superfans galleries together a true joy. Oh, and we're of course thankful for Mark Mangino, because without him, there wouldn't have been a Baby Mangino.

Kramer the Man, Kramer the Turkey

We're thankful someone had a camera at the ready when a live turkey lovingly rubbed its head against President Bush's crotch, and for the other moments on OTR's list "In Praise of Poultry: Ten Entertaining Turkey Moments."

Change We Need

We're thankful that there really might not be a right answer in the BCS this season, because the chaos will give us an excuse to keep linking to those amusing monkey videos. Kidding, of course. The monkeys are just a bonus. The real prize would be a playoff. Obama promised change, and there's no time like the present.

Turkeys of the Year
Rich Rodriguez is one of SI's Turkeys of the Year. :: AP

We're thankful that, once again, SI has decided to rub some salt in some wounds with its "Turkeys of the Year" gallery. What makes this a perfect fit for Campus Clicks? Well, Rich Rodriquez kicks off the list, of course.

The Phlegm That Binds

We're thankful that we flat out love Thanksgiving, and therefore can't commiserate with Boosh scribe Andre, who loathes Thanksgiving so much he'd just as soon come down with a bad case of bronchitis and avoid the hoopla all together.

Beware The Overly Political Relative

We're thankful that, despite so many people who can't wait to be home with their families over the holiday, other people are dreading the massive gatherings so badly, they're blogging about it. The folks at Holy Taco know it's pointless to just be mean when you can also be stereotypical, so they're listing the seven most annoying types of people at Thanksgiving dinner. It must be said, we can relate to the fantasy football guy, because Calvin Johnson's on our team, too.

Can He Get a Two-Peat?

We're thankful for reader Michael Field, who e-mailed to tell us about his own personal college football record. Michael's not an athlete, but he did attend nine schools while getting his undergraduate and law degrees. Six of those schools have D-I football programs, and in 2007, all six (Troy, South Florida, South Carolina, Texas Tech, Maryland and Southern Mississippi) won their bowl games. More than anything, however, we're thankful Michael offered to provide his school transcripts to verify the claims. What a guy.

Dumb Arrest of the Week

We're thankful to Notre Dame authorities, who ejected a record number of Irish fans during this Saturday's stunning loss to Syracuse. The charges: throwing snowballs and marshmallows. The result: 4,731 more blog posts (including on our own site) about Charlie Weis future.

Pop Culture Nugget

We're thankful that EW realizes Thanksgiving might be delicious, but it isn't sexy. Thus, the publication presents the 25 least sexy movies of all time.

Today In Hot Clicks
Erin Andrews :: Icon SMI

Top 10 NCAA Football TV Personalities ... Sports announcers as Thanksgiving foods ... The faces of Gruden | Carmella Garcia pics ... Video: The Lions are turkeys

Odds and Ends

It might be Thanksgiving, but some teams still have to lose ... Some NFL teams have to lose too, and those teams are probably already coveting these top defensive draft picks ... We're also thankful that UCLA clothing has become a fashion statement of choice in China.

Boom Goes the Dynamite

We're thankful that Ball State's good this year, which gives us an excuse to post this infamous video. Not that we need an excuse, really.

Keep it Steady

We're thankful that as we're chowing down on turkey this week, we can watch this kid teach us about a chicken's neck stability.

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