June 05, 2012
Baseball Does It Again
John Williamson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

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I hate to give any attention to an exhibition game but I'm always fascinated by Major League Baseball's propensity to screw things up, so we need to discuss the All-Star Game. MLB wants you think the All-Star Game means something because it determines homefield advantage for the World Series. No matter how the league spins it, though, the All-Star Game is a fake game, an exhibition during which the best starters get pulled after a couple of innings, and players from the Cubs, Padres, Royals and Twins help determine homefield advantage in the World Series. But MLB wants you think the All-Star Game is this intense battle with tons on the line. So what does MLB do today? They announce that players can tweet from the field after they've left the game. Granted, this does not seem like it would impact the actual results, but if MLB wants you to think the All-Star Game is important and that players take it seriously, shouldn't the same rules for regular games apply, especially since home field for the World Series is at stake? Since the game is an exhibition, MLB should get rid of the World Series stipulation and just let the players tweet from the field during the game. THAT would be way more interesting than the actual game.

This Is Depressing
MentalFloss.com has a look at 35 classic baseball cards and what they're worth today. I own the first four on the list, and I'm writing Hot Clicks with tears coming down my eyes after remembering what I paid for them.
Solid Recap
The Stanley Cup Finals have been a snooze (unless you're a Kings fan), but NMA.tv knows how to spice things up, as proven by this report on the series. (Thanks to Joe, of Philly, for the link.)
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Hilary Rhoda :: Alo Ceballos/FilmMagic
SI Swimsuit model Hilary Rhoda wore this dress to a fashion awards show last night. (You can see more pics of her from the event here.) That dress gets her today's LLOD honors.
This Sums It Up
Since officiating has been a main theme throughout the NBA playoffs, SportsPickle.com put together this chart that lets you figure out if there's a conspiracy.
E-Mail Of The Day
Saul Bosquez, of Adrian, Mich., says, "Jimmy, I have been a Hot Clicks reader for a while now and was hoping if you could feature my softball team on Hot Clicks. I know what you're thinking -- a softball team? My team is very unique. We are all amputees and war vets that fought in either Iraq or Afghanistan, and we only play able-bodied teams. We have been a team for over a year now; we just swept Binghamton and Cooperstown PD/FD. We have been featured in a Phil Taylor column in SI and have been on Real Sports with Bryant Gumble. I feel it's time we were in Hot Clicks -- it's the only logical progression. The team name is the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team, and the site is WoundedWarriorAmputeeSoftballTeam.org.
Giveaway Of The Day
Curb Your Enthusiasm
I have five copies of Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Complete Eighth Season to give away. First five people to e-mail me (Jimmy_Traina@simail.com) the NBA player Larry David had a confrontation with at a urinal in an episode that aired during Season 4 wins the DVD.

UPDATE: Contest is over. Winners have been e-mailed.
Call Me Maybe Video Of The Day
Honestly, I've tried to pull back on the Call Me Maybe videos. They keep coming into my inbox every day, but I'm trying to show restraint. For example, this morning, I didn't link to this version featuring President Obama. However, when Miami Dolphins cheerleaders make a video, I have no choice but to post it. (Thanks to Vince, of Ft. Lauderdale., and Scott, of San Luis Obispo, Calif., for the link.)

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