March 12, 2009
By Jimmy Traina
It's So Good To Be A College Student
Hillary Fisher
Hillary Fisher :: Courtesy of

Since the next few weeks are all about the NCAA tournament, Hot Clicks figured this is the perfect time to look at what's going on these days at colleges throughout the country. Judging by this great piece titled The 15 Strangest College Courses In America, a lot of fun is going on. Especially if you're taking classes such as "The Art of Walking," "Joy of Garbage," "Arguing with Judge Judy: Popular 'Logic' on TV Judge Shows" (my favorite), and "Learning From YouTube." I wasn't fortunate enough to take this course, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that one lesson you can learn in that YouTube class is that if you're an up-and-coming model like Hillary Fisher, putting videos like this one on YouTube is a good career move. (Thanks to Ed Bocknick, for the Fisher tip.)

Minka Kelly News

The Friday Night Lights hottie has signed a deal to be the lead actress in a new CW show. However, this report says that she may still appear on the best show on television if it gets renewed. As long as she can still be on FNL, then this news is OK. Two Minka shows is better than one Minka show.

A Man College Fans Should Always Remember

Awful Announcing pays tribute to Doug Towey, the man responsible for CBS using One Shining Moment at the end of the tournament, who passed away yesterday.

Gisele On Tom

Via "Tom is a good guy. He has a very pure heart. He's very naive, almost like a child." Oh, and she wants to have a lot of babies with him.

Sports Fans Version Of The Snuggie
Root Suit
Root-Suit :: Courtesy

You may have seen fans wearing these interesting outfits at college games this season. Some have even been featured in a couple of's College Superfans gallery. (Here and here. Reader King England, of Chicago, has noticed this trend and passed along the Web site where you can buy this customizable (is that word?) get up called, "The Root Suit."

If You Read Hot Clicks At Work...

Stop whatever you are doing and click this.

These Need To Be On The Back Of Baseball Cards

Forget all those new, fancy baseball stats, such as VORP. Food Court Lunch has the scoop on newer and way more interesting statistical categories that are sweeping the big leagues.

Wacky Story Of The Day

A Yale student is suing US Airways for $1 million. Why? Because the airline lost his Xbox.

Random Links

Jerome Bettis has his own brand of Tequila ... A Boston bar is now serving the A-Roid Cocktail ... Coaches and their cartoon counterparts.

Random Blog You Should Bookmark

The Surly Birds covers a little of everything, but the best posts are the ones that are completely random. My favorite post is this one titled "People Love To Condescend About VCRs." Its latest post, "The Importance of the Car Wash," is also a must-read.

Twitter & More Hot Clicks On Facebook

Check out the Hot Clicks Facebook Group for more links and must-see video that was just posted. And check out Twitter for even more stuff.

Sports Video Of The Day

Will this 4 year old become the NBA's next great jump shooter?

Music Video Of The Day

Some of you won't like the song selection in this mix, but I don't listen to "cool" music, so I thoroughly enjoyed it. And don't get thrown off by the Never Gonna Give You Up part early on. This is not a Rick Roll.

Rap Video Of The Day

This is what the poor economy is doing to people. (Thanks to Ryan, of Los Angeles, for the link.)

Get Ready For The Tourney Video Of The Day

Justin Paluch, of Storrs, Conn., sends in this clip and simply says "It's that time of the year for Gus Johnson."

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