January 10, 2011
That's Hot
Nicolas Mahut :: Getty Images

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French tennis player Nicolas Mahut lost his marathon Wimbledon match to John Isner last year in a famous 70-68 final set. But during a mixed doubles match over the weekend, Mahut memorably donned a tennis skirt (and also gave himself some female body parts). Check out video here and more photos here.
Adding To The Legend...
Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch's memorable touchdown run on Saturday caused an earthquake.
The Secret To The Ducks' Offense
The Auburn Tigers have Cam Newton tonight. The Oregon Ducks have The Kelly Code.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Holly Valance :: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images
Holly Valance is an Australian model, actress and singer, and today's LLOD.
A fan revealed that the 16- and 20-ounce cups at Seattle's Qwest Field held the same exact amount of beer. Of course, this would make you think the Seahawks were ripping fans off, but the team says fans who purchased a 16-ounce beer actually got 20 ounces for the 16-ounce price.
What Took So Long?
A Bengals fan is selling his allegiance on eBay.
Sports Video Of The Day
How important would Michigan hiring Les Miles away from LSU be? Judging by this newscast from Baton Rouge, La., it would be the most important thing in the world. (Thanks to Dan Mickelson, of West Bloomfield, Mich., for the video.)

Ringtone Video Of The Day
A jazzy ringtone interrupts this serious news conference.

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