May 12, 2010
You Gotta Have Hope
Hope Dworaczyk :: Michael Kovac /Getty Images

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I take two days off to pull a Ken Griffey and a Keith Hernandez and I miss a ton of good stories. I know Andy Gray kept you up to date on things, but I need to comment on one item he covered yesterday, and that's Hope Dworaczyk being named the Playboy Playmate of the Year. First off, I want to congratulate Dworaczyk because she's been a Hot Clicks favorite who has been featured in this space a few times (including here and here). I need to thank Gray for not using Dworaczyk's picture, so I was able to do so today. Lastly, you may have heard that Dworaczyk's spread in the magazine will be in 3-D. We all should be thankful for that because it's given us this video that ranks pretty high on the unintentional humor scale. (Thanks to Jeff Stewart, of Allentown, Pa., for the link.)
Courting The King
LeBron James has taken a beating in the blogosphere (and was called out by Charles Barkley) after last night's dismal 15-point effort. With the Cavs on the brink of elimination and James possibly one game away from leaving the Cavs, potential suitors have stepped up their efforts. Well, "potential suitors" might be the wrong phrase. It's more like fans of the potential suitors. For example, the Web site has recently cropped up. And then there's New York's most famous gentleman's club, Scores, doing their part to recruit the King.
Scully Sullied
Via @BigLeagueStew on Twitter comes this link, which calls out the worst lede paragraph to a sports story in a long, long time.
Someone Likes Ike A Lot
Ike Davis
Mets first baseman Ike Davis made a spectacular game-winning catch against the Nationals last night and was rewarded by getting groped.
Worst Person Of The Day
A high school pole vaulting coach recently had a member of the opposing team disqualified from an event because she... wait for it... wait for it... was wearing a friendship bracelet.
Craigslist Item Of The Day
Anyone interested in an NBA All-Star?
Danny Almonte Has Nothing On This Guy
Check out the story of a 22-year-old who deceived everyone into thinking he was 16 so he could play high school basketball. (Thanks to Rudy, of Midland, Texas, for the link.)
Bike Ride Video Of The Day
Who says a person needs to pedal and steer in order for a bike to go in the right direction? (Thanks to Nick L., of Huston, Md., for the link, which comes via

Real Or Fake Video Of The Day
Did this maniac get lucky or is this the work of some editing? (Thanks to Eric Wilson, of Annapolis, Md., for the link.)

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