December 26, 2007
The Links
Trouble Maker
We'll admit we don't know much about Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus), other than that she's the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus and the hottest thing on kid's television since Barney.

When she was in Chicago for her sold-out concert tour, she was presented with a Blackhawks jersey. Careful though, the sweet-looking Disney star got Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich in some hot water with the Chicago media.

Miley Cyrus
Santa Rhodes
Nothing says Christmas like Santa Claus at a mall. In between shopping and drinking Orange Julius in the food court, sitting on old Saint Nick's lap was our favorite holiday tradition. Looking back, it seems like playing Santa would be one of the few jobs, albeit brief, that encourages you to pack a few extra pounds. With that in mind the Pyle of List gives us their list of rotund athletes that could easily pass as Santa in a pinch.
Merry Christmas, You're Fired
The only thing worse than getting fired on Christmas Eve is having others revel in your holiday demise. Deadspin discovers that Bulls fans were as happy to hear of Scott Skiles' demise as a kid running towards his present on Christmas morning. Now if they can just find a replacement that hasn't already failed once in Chicago.
LeBron Signs Senior
LeBron James' endorsement group signed Mike Flynt, a 58-year-old grandfather who returned to finish his senior season on the Sul Ross State football team after a 36-year layoff. James hopes to turn Flynt's inspirational story into a movie, book, fitness products ... basically make it as overhyped as King James.
Beckham Ballet

Becks :: AP
David Beckham's taste for eccentric fashion apparently came at a young age. He recently said that he wore ballet shoes and knickerbockers as a kid despite being given a hard time. "My dad gave me a little bit of stick but I was happy," said Becks.
Kissing Refs
It's hard not to get in the holiday spirit this time of year and NBA referees are no different. Violet Palmer laid a fat one on fellow referee Ron Olesiak under the mistletoe after being prompted by the Sacramento Kings mascot. We're fine with refs kissing as long as it doesn't involve Dick Bavetta and Charles Barkley.
Bush Push
Reggie Bush was in Hollywood over the holidays shopping with girlfriend Kim Kardashian. We all know what Bush did in college, but since he's turned pro, we have to ask: which one of them has gotten more attention for doing less?
Today in Campus Clicks
Some coaches had a very merry Christmas season...sorority girls go mud wrestling...don't trust Nick Saban behind the wheel...
You Must Join Our Facebook Group
We've topped 2,200 members. We're pretty amazed. Is 3,000 a possibility? We hope so. If you haven't joined, now is the time.
Videos of the Day
Wrestling In Iraq
Say what you want about the WWE and Vince McMahon, but for the fifth year in a row they took their Monday Night Raw show over to Iraq during Christmas time to put on a show for the troops, complete with wrestling divas and all.

Cherry Christmas
Not even the Holidays can cool down the fire burning inside of Don Cherry.

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