January 03, 2008
The Links
Maria's Fashion Faux Pas

Maria Sharapova :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI
As Maria Sharapova prepares for next weekend's Australian Open, we have one simple piece of advice: find a better outfit than this one. We would suggest something like this or this.
The Amazing Floyd
Is there anything Floyd Mayweather can't do? Fresh off his knockout of Ricky Hatton, the six-time champion wants to team with 50 Cent to put out a rap record. This comes on the heels of Mayweather insulting just about every ultimate fighter in the world, and let's not forget his prowess on the dance floor. What's next? Beating the Patriots 1 on 11?
Sign Me Up
We've always thought running an NBA team would be just about the best job one could ever have, but this just might be a close second.
Reggie Bush's Latest Lady Friends
Not so fast, Kardashian. It looks like Reggie Bush has a new woman (actually, a group of them) in his life.
A Ringing Endorsement

Ron Paul; Kane :: AP; Michael Buckner/Getty Images
For citizens of Iowa who aren't sure who to vote for in today's caucus, let us point out that Dr. Ron Paul has the support of one heavyweight -- WWE wrestler Kane. In fact, the Deuce of Davenport was so impressed with Kane's enthusiasm, he suggests which sports figures should be supporting which candidates.
Numbers Game
Who is the best player in college football history to wear No. 32? Or No. 65? From 1-99, SI.com selects the greatest college players of all time.
That's Just Gross
The bowl season has been a big let down so far, but thankfully we're a few days a way from the game we've all been waiting for. We don't know what this kid's parents are thinking, but an 11-year-old Packers' fan has been wearing the same Brett Favre jersey every day for the past four years. At least he finally got to attend a game.
Today in Campus Clicks
Rose Bowl mismatch ... All-suspension team ... Bizarre New Year's Eve drops ... 10 worst recent Irish moments ... Mascot of the Year ... Video: Top penalty call of the football season ... and more.
You Must Join Our Facebook Group
We've topped 2,200 members. We're pretty amazed. Is 3,000 a possibility? We hope so. If you haven't joined, now is the time.
Videos of the Day
A ham and cheese with that bile, sir?
In light of Scottie Pippen's trashing of the Bulls, here is something Scottie shouldn't be very proud of.

Perhaps that's why Dwight Howard is playing like an MVP
Dwight Howard takes BP with the Phillies.

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