January 08, 2008
The Links
Leinart Gets Back In The Game

Kristin Cavallari :: Peter Kramer/Getty Images
We apologize for being a day late with this, but we're still recovering from being in vacation mode. Anyway, Matt Leinart is doing his best to jump back into that "Brady-Romo Quarterbacks Who Date Hot Celebrities Club." The Arizona signal-caller recently reconnected with former flame Kristen Cavallari, of Laguna Beach fame. With rumors swirling that Cavallari is set to join The Hills, we only hope she and Leinart keep things going, because we'd love to see him on the show.
Tom Brady: A Man Among The People
Seeing celebrities on the streets of New York City is a common occurrence. In fact, through our years of working in Midtown Manhattan, we've spotted Jorge Posada, Paul McCartney and the Naked Cowboy. But for some reason we're always fascinated when TMZ comes up with one of these videos that show Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen just strollin' around NYC, hailing cabs and being approached by fans. In this latest clip, the fan who approaches the Pats QB tells him that his dog is named "Tom Brady." Gisele's boyfriend, however, doesn't seem impressed. (For some reason, we can't figure out how to link directly to a TMZ video. The url goes to their main video page. If anyone out there knows how to directly link to one video, please e-mail us.)
We'll Link To Anything That Says "O-Pee-Chee"
TigerWoodsFistPump is lamenting the fact that several of his football, hockey and basketball trading cards -- including a Barry Sanders 1989 Score and any Eric Lindros card -- are now worth nothing. (Warning: Link contains strong language).
Feisty Tyke
Yesterday, we told you about Bobby Knight bringing his grandson to a press conference and dropping an expletive while the kid was on his lap. Now, Blue Monkey Disco Party (yes, that's the blog's name, and we love it) imagines how a press conference with Bobby Knight's grandson would play out. (Thanks to Shawn Norris of Los Angeles for sending us the link.)
Signs Of The Times

Bob Rosato/SI
JoeSportsFan is analyzing the various signs -- for example the Terrible Television Acronym Signs, The Good 'Ole Reliable "Priceless" Sign, and the Creepy, Personal Fan Signs -- we see at various sporting events. We're not sure what category the above sign, from last week's Hawaii-Georgia Sugar Bowl, would fall into.
This Will Help You Get Through The Offseason
Early January may seem like an odd time to discuss baseball rookie hazing photos, but we hadn't seen these gems of Phillies players that were uncovered by Bugs & Cranks.
Accentuating The Negatives
With the college football season behind us, Maxim.com turns its attention to college basketball, but not necessarily in a good way. They're revealing the lamest things about the sport.
Today in Campus Clicks
Looking at the Ohio St.-LSU cheerleader match up ... Breaking down the BCS (Babe Championship Series) finale. ... Ohio St. and LSU fans show loyalty by mowing their lawns ... Video: LSU players freestyle ... Ohio St. fan raps.
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Videos of the Day
'His Name's Del Rio'
Ryan Parker is back with one of his amusing videos, but this time, in a tribute to Jacksonville's coach, he's set his lyrics to the tune of Duran Duran's Rio.

Sweet Child O' Mine -- Indian Version
For some reason, we can't stop watching this.

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