January 10, 2008
The Links
The Fans Vs. Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson :: Nancy Ostertag /Getty Images
The reaction to Tony Romo dating Jessica Simpson (and going to Cabo with her this past weekend) is absurd, but that doesn't mean we can't join in. We thought it would be fun to look back and see how fans who've recently attended Cowboys games have taunted the pop star and QB.
Guess Who'd Be asteROID?
Flayusyah.com shows off some impressive Photoshop skills as they show -- and tell -- us which people from the world of sports they'd like to see as American Gladiators.
Calling All Tom Brady Fans...
Or people who don't want to do any work today. Would you like to see the 50 touchdown passes that the Patriots' QB threw this season? Deuce of Davenport has gone through the trouble of putting together the video, which runs 25 minutes long.
'u kno 07 was a tough yr to swallow'
Our favorite sports blogger, Marshawn Lynch, is at it again. The headline above is the first line of Lynch's latest entry. We don't even do crossword puzzles and Sudoku anymore. When we want to challenge our brains, we just try to decipher Lynch's writing.
Bright Lights

Minka Kelly :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
We haven't begged you to watch Friday Night Lights in a while, so we felt we were due. The show started out slowly this season, but it's on a roll, with last week's episode being the best of the season. Give it a try tomorrow night and you won't be disappointed. And we're not the only ones who feel this way. In other FNL news, we were happy to see just read that Minka Kelly and John Mayer have broken up.
Roger's Worst Punishment
Proving that everyone and their mother has an opinion on Roger Clemens, PETA has now entered the fray. OutInCenterField.com tells us that the group has sent Rocket a letter, suggesting that he go vegetarian "to prove he doesn't want any growth-promoting drugs in his body." Seriously.
Left Hand In The Corner Pocket
We'd find it hard to believe that one person could get their hand stuck in one of the pockets on a pool table, but apparently it just happened to two guys.
Today in Campus Clicks
Comparing college football teams to presidential nominees ... UW booster offers $100,000 for the firing of Tyrone Willingham ... Big 12 meets South Park ... The dunk of the year ... Tattoos gone bad ... Video: An interesting LSU fan ... more.
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Videos of the Day
John Sterling Meets The Chipmunks
This YouTuber has some fun at the expense of the Yankees' play-by-play man. Things pick up at the 45-second mark.

Thriller -- The Indian Version
A couple of days ago, we brought you video of the Indian version of Sweet Child O' Mine. Now, readers Dan from Villanova and Matt Feltenstein of Charleston, S.C., have sent us the Indian version of Thriller, which we've never seen despite it having more than seven million views on YouTube.

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