January 11, 2008
The Links
Court Couples

Bec Cartwright :: David Teuma/Getty Images
Reader Rebecca Higgins of Boston sent us this comprehensive video that features 29 tennis couples, past and present. If you can handle the odd music, you can see Lleyton Hewitt and wife Bec Cartwright (above) and Andre Agassi with Steffi Graf. However, you won't see Agassi with Brooke Shields or Barbra Streisand.
More Betting On Jessica
On Wednesday, we told you a gambling Web site was offering a wager on whether Jessica Simpson would be at Sunday's Giants-Cowboys game. Now, Newsday's Neil Best tells us that another site has set a line on how many times Fox will mention Tony Romo's squeeze during the contest. Speaking of Simpson, BigBlueView.com wants you to know that they've been running several classic photos of the pop star all week while still analyzing the game.
Speaking Of The NFL Playoffs...
Here are 16 reasons to root against the Patriots this Sunday. (Thanks to Brad in New York City for sending us the link).
We Love When Athletes Sing
We haven't heard much about Bronson Arroyo's singing since he went from Boston to Cincinnati, but RedSoxMonster changes that. They have video of the pitcher singing The Fray's Over My Head (Cable Car) at a charity event last weekend.
'A Bigger Rock Star Than Elvis, The Beatles'
Brahsome.com comes through in a big way by pulling this clip of Brent Musburger and Steve Lavin talking about our favorite sideline reporter, Erin Andrews, during last night's Illinois-Wisconsin game. The headline above is just one of the things Lavin said about her.
Baseball Blasphemy

Haray Caray :: AP
Home Run Derby gives us a history lesson on how Harry Caray's classic seventh-inning stretch singing came about. It didn't start with the Cubs. In fact, HRD provides video of Caray singing the song at Comiskey Park, while imploring the crowd to "root, root, root for the White Sox."
Size Doesn't Matter
Mister Irrelevant uses Tyler Hansbrough dunking on 7-foot-7 Kenny George on Wednesday night to remember -- with the help of YouTube -- other giants who have been dunked on.
You Gotta Have Soul
The Philadelphia Soul are by far and away our favorite Arena football team. Now, we've never watched an Arena League game and the only reason for this is that we're stuck in the '80s and Bon Jovi is our favorite band of all time and Livin' on a Prayer is our favorite song of all time (feel free to make fun of us). But now we have another reason to cheer for the Soul -- their dancers. (Thanks to Matthew Price of Philadelphia for sending us the link.)
It's Raining Again
We weren't sure about posting this because Pacman Jones is pretty much old news now, but the story was just too damn funny to pass up.
Getting Hairy
In honor of David Letterman and Conan O'Brien growing beards to show their support of the writer's strike, Best Week Ever looks at The 10 Most Inspiring Beards Of All Time.
Today in Campus Clicks
Big House renovations causing havoc ... Five best college sports bars ... Tough times for Rick Majerus ... McFadden likes piano bars? ... more.
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Videos of the Day
A Classic Newscast Screwup
The news of Sir Edmund Hillary passing away gives us a chance to trot out this gem.

'Who You Believe'
We don't know how he does it, but Ryan Parker is back with another winner. This time he takes on cheaters and liars.

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