January 16, 2008
The Links
Bad Luck Club: Doomed Couples

Chris Webber, Tyra Banks :: Robert Mora /Getty Images
When athletes and celebrities hook up, the results are oftentimes ugly. Here are several examples of this sad phenomenon.
At Least He Gets An A For Effort
Co-Ed Magazine comes through with a great video of a college kid trying to do a sports report for his school's TV station. Let's just say things don't go smoothly.
Make Sure Your Cursing Is Spontaneous
The Western Athletic Conference has put in a rule that says any pre-meditated chants that contain vulgar or offensive language will result in a technical foul against the home team. Our favorite part of the story linked above is the newspaper trying to explain one of the words often used in a chant by New Mexico State fans by saying, "The vulgar word in this chant begins with an a and ends with an e." Yeah, we have NO idea what that could be.
We Hope They Don't Throw It On The Ice
Forget T-shirts, bobbleheads, hats and posters. The Oklahoma City Blazers hockey organization is having a more, um, unconventional giveaway, this Friday -- a goat.
She Created A Monster

Bradni Chastain :: Robert Beck/SI
Here's an amusing Nike commercial in which Kevin Garnett loses to Brandi Chastain in foosball and then expects the soccer star to rip her shirt off.
Harry Caray Carried A Grudge
Last week, Home Run Derby provided us with a clip of Harry Caray singing "root, root, root for the White Sox." Today, they bring us a clip of Caray bashing Cracker Jacks because he once got stiffed out of the prize.
Remember These?
The Sports Hernia takes on one of the more disturbing trends that sports fans jumped on years ago: Zubaz pants. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Today in Campus Clicks
Tackling the Rich Rodriguez files scandal ... Where Are They Now? -- Heisman Edition ... Coach to do his job barefooted ... Looking at players who ruined their career by coming out early ... Retired number at Duke causing controversy ... more.
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Videos of the Day
Don't Blink!
Here's a summary of the Dallas Cowboys season in eight seconds.

Hard-Hitting News
A kid in Australia threw a massive party that got out of hand. This newscaster demands an apology, and wants him to take his sunglasses off during her very important interview. Watch the results.

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