January 17, 2008
The Links
Serenity Now!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus :: Getty Images
Here's an amusing story about how intense people are about the NFL playoffs. The psychos folks who run a Fox affiliate in Green Bay have decided to pull a rerun of Seinfeld this Saturday because ... wait for it ... it's Eli Manning's favorite TV show, and they don't want the QB to be able to unwind and relax by watching it.
More Playoff Madness
The above story is just ridiculous. This next one is downright unbelievable. A bald Patriots fans has TATTOOED HIS HEAD TO LOOK LIKE A PATRIOTS HELMET!!! What's even better is that Barstool Sports has video of the guy getting inked.
Dork Report
Flatusyahu.com shows off their Photoshop skills -- and top-notch sense of humor -- by listing the NFL's 10 Dorkiest players. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
McEnroe Sings Born In The USA
Reader Paolo Bomben of Windsor, Ontario, sent us this video with the following e-mail: "This is kind of old, so I don't know if you've already seen this but John McEnroe singing is priceless." And Paolo is so right. McEnroe is actually worse than us at karoke.
This Post Contains Graphic Violence

Sabres, Senators :: Rick Stewart/Getty Images
Fan IQ looks back at the NHL's Best Bench Clearing Fights, Or At Least Seven Of Them.
Starting The Hype Machine Early
The Legend of Cecilio Guante is predicting all of the headlines and themes that will be endlessly hyped during the two weeks before the Super Bowl.
What's Doing Down Under?
Rizzo Sports analyzes the first week of the Australian Open. Actually, they're just analyzing how Maria Sharapova, Jelena Jankovic and Ana Ivanovic are doing.
Today in Campus Clicks
Apologies From SIOC ... Leave the Wizard Alone ... Big 12 All-Hair Team ... Naked Tufts students not happy with video ... The Punter Who Beat up the Linebacker ... Video: Don't jump out of a recycling bin ... more.
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Videos of the Day
Soprano Or Sparano?
A few cast members from The Sopranos join ESPN's Kenny Mayne in this spoof on new Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano. Our favorite part? Sparano saying he doesn't watch HBO because he's a Cinemax man. Aren't we all? (Thanks to Stephen Goldsmith of Princeton, N.J., for sending us the link.)

'I Am Your Brother'
This was clearly the highlight from the first two nights of American Idol.

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