January 18, 2008
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Today's Wacky Packers Story

Packers fans:: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images
Nobody has pulled TV shows off the air today. This story is actually a little sadder. A man accidentally shredded his NFC Championship ticket.
Unsung Events
We've always said that Championship Sunday is really the last day of the football season since the Super Bowl is a three-ring circus that attracts a ton of people who wouldn't know a football from a baseball, so naturally we enjoyed this amusing list of the most underrated sports days of the year by Joe Sports Fan.
Nintendo Nostalgia
On205th.com unearths a YouTube video that shows us 100 Nintendo games in 10 minutes.
We Have One Word For This Guy: Decaf
Earlier this week, we told you about our new fascination with Michigan strength and conditioning coach Mike Barwis. Well, SI.com's college football editor, Gennaro Filice, has passed along another must-see video of the most-intense man in sports trying to fire up his former West Virginia team. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Calling All Karate Kid Fans

Karate Kid :: Delphi Films
If you're a fan of one, two or all three Karate Kid flicks, you're in luck. Awful Announcing tells us that Versus is practically running the movie on a loop over the next few weekends.
Knight's Legacy
The World of Isaac is celebrating Bobby Knight's 900th career win by posting the coach's greatest F-word clips. (Warning: Link contains strong language, which we guess you figured out already.)
Laughs Are Brewing
Allballs.com remembers the 10 Funniest Beer Commercials Of All Time.
The Best Sporting Event On TV
Crossing the Line previews the upcoming season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Gauntlet III, which premiers this Wednesday on MTV. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Today in Campus Clicks
SEC Feuds 2.0 ... The Return of Duke ... Penn State = Cheap ... Midget Wrestling Update ... Cheerleader of the Week ... Video: Boise State Cheerleaders and Tackling ... more.
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Videos of the Day
Brothers Will Be Brothers
Burly Sports has uncovered exclusive video of Eli Manning drunk dialing Peyton after this past Sunday's games. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

The Downfall Of The Cowboys
Who knew Hitler was a Cowboys fans? This video, via Modern Day Caveman, starts out a little slow, but, boy, does it ever pick up at about the 1-minute mark. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

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