January 21, 2008
The Links
Reggie's Big Weekend

Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian :: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images
Reggie Bush was all over the Sundance Film Festival this past weekend with girlfriend Kim Kardashian. The above photo was taken at a 50 Cent concert, and quite frankly, Bush seems way too focused on 50. The two were also spotted at another, um, interesting place over the weekend.
Can This Guy Call The Super Bowl?
The Beautiful Game has must-see, actually, must-hear, video of what is one of the craziest, strangest and surreal soccer calls of all time.
Super's Turn
On Friday, we provided you with a link to On205th.com, which showed us 100 Nintendo games in 10 minutes. Well, they're back today with 100 Super Nintendo games in 10 minutes.
At Least Someone Isn't Afraid To Say It
We usually don't link to straight analysis here, but this is the best -- and most accurate -- thing we've read about yesterday's Giants-Packers game. By the way, we tried to pay close attention to Fox's postgame show and we could swear that in the 30-40 minutes they were on the air, they never once mentioned Brett Favre's pick in OT. Is that accurate? Anyone? (Update: 12:46 p.m.: Our friends at AwfulAnnouncing.com just e-mailed us the following: "Hey I Tivo'd the postgame and you're right.....they didn't mention the interception. Unbelievable.")
Pathetic Pitchmen

Rafael Palmeiro :: Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images
Pyle of List comes up with a slew of worthy examples as they remember the worst endorsements ever.
They Should Sing Ebony & Ivory
David Beckham is out to prove that he really is a renaissance man. The soccer star and model can now add "rapper" to his resume. He'll be doing some vocals on an upcoming track by Snoop Dogg.
Speaking Of Sports And Music
Fan IQ gives us all the details on a new invention -- the football helmet guitar.
For News Purposes Only
Vegas Watch breaks down the Super Bowl line and total and explains how the line has moved already.
Today in Campus Clicks
Bruins create condom to compete with Trojans ... BYU students don't like racy videos ... North Carolina fans cry after loss ... Awkward college pics of Super Bowl quarterbacks ... Video: Tim Tebow pep talk ... more.
Check Us Out On Facebook
Our group has topped 3,000 members. We're pretty amazed. But we're not stopping here. We're still gonna beg you to join the group.
Videos of the Day
Brothers Will Be Brothers
Ryan Parker comes up with an amusing song as a way to break down the Giants-Patriots Super Bowl by comparing the matchup to a cartoon.

Giants-Packers Recap
Eddie Murphy explains yesterday's NFC Championship game.

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