January 22, 2008
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More Masked Madness

Bridget Moynahan :: Vince Bucci/Getty Images
First, RuinRomo.com provided Jessica Simpson masks for fans of teams playing the Cowboys to download. Now, New York's classic rock station, 104.3, is offering Bridget Moynahan masks for Giants fans. We see three problems with this. We don't think anything can distract Tom Brady. Two, if you really want to try to distract him, holding this up would probably work better. Three, 95 percent of the people who go to the Super Bowl are corporate bigwig's who haven't watched one snap of a football game since the last Super Bowl.
These Are Worth More Than 1,000 Words
Each picture is funnier than the next in this 2007 Patriots Photoshop Gallery.
Don't Believe The Hype
Epic Carnival is revealing 10 myths the media likes to spew about the Super Bowl.
What East Coast Bias?
To complete our run of Patriots/Giants/Super Bowl items we offer this story from Pray for Mojo about New York and Boston being very happy to finally get some media coverage.
Not-So Tough Guys

Bill Grammatica :: Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Cracked.com is having some fun with The 5 Wimpiest Pro Sports Injuries of All-Time. Who knew former Giants manager Roger Craig cut his hand on a bra?!?!?!(Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Words Of Wisdom
We're a day late on this, but better late than never. In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, The World of Isaac is looking back at the most memorable sports speeches.
Brandon Walsh News
Jason Priestley is getting back into the racing game (with one of his partners being Colts tight end Dallas Clark), but Brahsome.com doesn't think things will end up well for the former 90210er.
Running Wild
A legendary sports movie is among the flicks on this amusing list of The Most Overly-Dramatic Running Scenes That Hollywood Has Ever Produced.
Today in Campus Clicks
Harvard Lampoon to honor Paris Hilton as Woman of the Year ... Top Cheap Shots of the 2007 CFB Season ... Urban Meyer's recruiting tactics ... Grading the NCAA Football Coaches ... Video: Harvard Cribs ... more.
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Videos of the Day
Making Fun Of Manning
Even though he's reached the Super Bowl, this parody of Eli Manning's watch commercial is still funny.

He's Got The Freaky Laugh Down Pat
Jerry O'Connell spoofs the insane Tom Cruise and his infamous Scientology video.

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