January 23, 2008
The Links
Film's Finest Females

Leslie Bibb :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
AllBalls.com tries to make hump day a little easier to get through by presenting The Hottest Sports Movie Babes Of All Time. Congratulations to Leslie Bibb of Talledega Nights, who cracked the top five. Speaking of Bibb, this is a huge week for her. She's also being praised on College News' in-depth look at "The Apatow Babes." College News is giving the skinny on all of the attractive and funny women to appear in Judd Apatow's flicks. (Warning: Links contain strong language.)
Foot + Flowers = Fun
We were completely sick of the over-the-top reaction to the Tom Brady "walking-boot" scandal by 10:00 yesterday morning. However, we can't deny that Blue Monkey Disco Party has gotten us interested in the story again. They've figured out exactly what the cast and flowers were all about. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
The Downside Of YouTube
When we get an e-mail that says: "A rapping midget. A singing plumber. Two high school kids who just don't know when to quit.Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the dregs of Patriot Nation and their gruesome new videos," you can sure as hell bet that we're gonna link to it.
The Ladies Behind The Bikinis
SportsBubbler.com has an in-depth profile of the Packers "Bikini Girls" that we had in Hot Clicks last Friday, and who have become a huge hit in the blogosphere.
Donna Martin Graduates!

Luke Perry, O.J. Mayo :: Getty Images
The headline has nothing to do with this item. We're just very excited that we get to link to a Beverly Hills 90210-related item for the second day in a row. The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes are comparing college basketball's super freshman to characters from the classic show, with O.J. Mayo being linked to Dylan Walsh. Speaking of Mayo, it seems he may be in just a bit of trouble. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
She Loves Her Sports
With the baseball season still a few months away, Alyssa Milano is turning her attention to the NHL. She's partnered with the league to promote her clothing line. More important, she'll attend All-Star weekend in Atlanta and participate in many events.
Fantastic Four
Rizzo Sports is all excited about the women's "Dream Final Four at the Aussie Open" -- and not because they're all great players.
Another Fantastic Foursome
What do Playmate Kendra Wilkinson, Friday Night Lights' Scott Porter (a.k.a., Jason Street), Warren Sapp and Larry Johnson have in common? For $250, you can attend the Super Bowl party they're co-hosting in Glendale next week.
Today in Campus Clicks
Ranking the College Basketball Jerseys ... Best class ever: Brewing Science: The History, Culture and Science of Beer ... Rick Majerus' abortion comments cause stir ... Fat Guys Finish Last? ... Video: Duke's divers ... more.
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Videos of the Day
Where's George Mitchell?
Watch this guy break 10 baseball bats with a karate kick.

Where's Simon Cowell?
Earlier, we mentioned the downside of YouTube. Here's the upside: A family doing karaoke to That's What Friends Are For at a bar mitzvah.

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