January 28, 2008
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Super Sideshow

The Dallas Desire :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Subway chatter is looking at The Top Five Non-Football-Related Super Bowl Moments of the past Decade. Where does the success of The Lingerie Bowl rank on the list? (Thanks to Solomon S. of Albany, N.Y., for sending us the link.)
Speaking Of Non-Football Related Moments...
FanIQ looks at where the Patriots and Giants are staying in Arizona, breaks down what casinos, parties, strip clubs, etc., are near the locations, and tries to figure out which team is more likely to get in trouble over the next week.
Today's Tragic Super Bowl Story
Dog eats pair of $900 Super Bowl tickets.
Just In Time For The Super Bowl
Reader Andrew of Charlottesville, Va., alerts us to an amusing Web site dedicated to secrets about Tom Brady. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
The NFL Must LOVE This

Tom Petty :: Matt Archer/Getty Images
Vegas Watch -- who else? -- breaks down The Most Ridiculous Super Bowl XLII Prop Bets. These are all legit wagers; not made-up ones. Tom Petty smoking a joint during the halftime show is +2500. Seriously.
We Hope This Game Catches On
The Big Picture alerts us to a new version of hockey -- sub-aqua ice hockey, in which the players are UNDER a sheet of ice and play the game upside down. Our explanation can't do it justice. Just check out the amazing video.
More Than Just Fans
Not sure how we missed this last week, but we can't pass this up. JoeSportsFan unveils the Top Seven Fan-Based Man Crushes.
Who's Got The Guts?
Touchdown.org wants to hear these 11 questions asked at Media Day tomorrow.
Trouble Waiting To Happen
Basically every celebrity in America will be in Arizona this week.
Today in Campus Clicks
Charlize Theron and Christopher Walken named Harvard's Hasty Pudding Club's Woman and Man of the Year ... Inspirational story of Utah's guard ... Most Classless Acts of 2007 ... Remembering Bear Bryant ... Professon bashes Juno ... Video: Real Men of Genius -- Alabama Fans ... more.
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Videos of the Day
Hot Cheerleader Accidents Compilation
That's the title of this YouTube video sent in by reader Alex Walters of San Diego.

Banned Commercial Of The Day
We're not sure what's so bad about this clip. (Thanks to Ryan Williams of Los Angeles for sending us the link.)

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