January 31, 2008
The Links
We'll All Be With These People On Sunday

Patriots fans :: Jim Rogash/Getty Images
Obnoxious Girl Who Cheers Way too Hard, The Guy Who Hasn't Paid Attention to the NFL in a Decade, The Guy Who's in It for the Commercials and are just a few examples given by Cracked.com of the 11 Personalities Guaranteed to Ruin Your Super Bowl Party. And we're not saying the two lovely women above are obnoxious. We just need a picture to go along with this item. (Thanks to Joe of Austin, Texas for sending us the link.)
Super Bowl Madness Round-Up
Vote on whether Tom Brady should dump Gisele for that hot reporter who proposed to him on Media Day. ... Someone wants to rent out their house on Super Bowl Sunday -- and will provide strippers in addition to lodging. ... Kellie Picker was at Media Day, and got on some Giants players' shoulders and gave Michael Strahan her CD and told him the Giants would win if he listened to it.
Get TMZ On This
First Tom Brady was seen with that mysterious walking boot on his foot. Now this.
You'll Really Wish Monday Was A Holiday
CollegeNews.com wants to help you spice up your Super Bowl party, so they've put together an interesting drinking game. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Romo On A Roll
Victoria's Secret has released a list of celebrities who they feel have the sexiest smiles. Tony Romo was named the athlete with the sexiest smile. Isn't dating Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson enough?
Tasting Greatness (And Then Choking On It)

Golden Girls :: Courtesy of Touchstone Television
Esquire.com is wondering what the Patriots' place in history would be if they lost Sunday, thus ruining a perfect season. They think New England would join this infamous list of 10 who just missed out on immortality -- and somehow the Golden Girls spinoff show made this list. (Thanks to Nicholas of Columbus, Ga., for sending us the link.)
Things Aren't All Bad In Florida
Home Run Derby has photos and video of the recent tryouts for the 2008 Marlins Mermaids.
A Perfect Fit
Remember that news reporter who was accused of sending Rich Eisen racy e-mails and then she got in a fight with some cops? She may end up working for the WWE. Naturally.
This Version Doesn't Scream "Football"
There's really not much to this, but for some reason, we're oddly intrigued -- a guy plays the NFL on Fox theme song on the piano.
We've Run Out Of Things To Say
The Sports Hernia sympathizes with all of you who are tired of all the Super Bowl talk. In fact, they imagine your office conversations these days are going something like this. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Today in Campus Clicks
N.C. State's Krispy Kreme challenge ... Wagner coach takes off seatbelt ... BU hopes to put together undie run ... Penn State's team tattoo ... Video: Penn State frat sings Valerie ... more.
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Videos of the Day
Don't Wait Til Sunday
Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi is on YouTube already -- and the best news is that it features Andy Samberg. But we're not gonna lie. It's not as good as You-Know-What In a Box.

Rough Day At The Office
Don't ever cut a vacuum wire.

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