February 01, 2008
The Links
Sex Sells

Anna Kournikova :: Peter Kramer/Getty Images
Since commercials are an enormous part of Super Bowl Sunday (here's our look at the best of all time), AllBalls has decided to give us the 10 Sexiest Female Athlete Commercials. One person who made the list was Anna Kournikova for a 2001 Lycos ad. Sadly, we had no recollection of it. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
Sometimes Things Just Don't Work Out
We have a funny feeling Plaxico Burress will soon be added to Fan IQ's comprehensive list of The Worst Guarantees In Sports.
Bosses Suck -- Except For The Ones At SI.com
Big props to Busted Coverage, who found -- and posted -- a memo FedEx sent to its employees telling them that they better show up to work Monday or else!
Boomer's Bombs
If you wanna see Chris Berman go off on a long tirade and drop some F-bombs (and who doesn't?) Deadspin has the must-see video (Warning: Link contains strong language).
Midgets + Playboy Models + Leinart=Beach Bowl
Hot Clicks favorite Stacy Keibler is one of the central figures in The DC Sports Bog's amusing wrap-up of yesterday's Beach Bowl -- that's football played on the beach -- in Arizona.
'Carousing The Ballcarrier'

Emmitt Smith :: Icon SMI
Awful Announcing alerts us to this great bit by Jimmy Kimmel in which the talk-show host goes through several of Emmitt Smith's ridiculous blunders.
Erin Andrews' Popularity Continues To Soar
Few things cause as big a stir in the sports blogosphere as when new Erin Andrews pics hit the 'Net. The-Ozone.net put up these photos earlier this week, and within minutes they were everywhere and were being closely analyzed. When you're done gawking at the photos, we implore you to read this detailed game blog at UWBadgers.com from last night's Indiana-Wisconsin game. We're not fans of game blogs, but when they're peppered with updates like this: "8:25 p.m.: Erin's got a case of the sniffles today, just thought everyone needed to know. J-Bo with a nice drive and bucket then Stiemsma is called for a late foul after a D.J. miss. White converts both to make it 16-8," we're in. Erin told us she liked the game blog more than the pictures. We told her she was crazy.
Half Empty
We're just gonna say it: We think Tom Petty should make this list of The 10 All-Time Worst Choices for Super Bowl Halftime Performer.
Breaking Super Bowl News
Tom Brady will get a haircut the night before the big game.
Today in Campus Clicks
Joe Paterno a hit on Faceboo ... Wazzu football player for crazy prank ... Kevin Bacon plays beer pong at Dartmouth ... The Nick Saban Jerk-Meter ... The Longest Winning Streak in College Sports ... Video: Guy plays guitar -- with his feet ... more.
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Videos of the Day
'Who The Hell Should I Hire'
This is a big day for Hot Clicks. Two of the most creative videomakers (is that a word?) on the World Wide Web have created new gems. First up is BradyFan83, who uses Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire to breakdown the Redskins coaching search.

New York And Boston: A Tale Of Two Cities
And now we give you Ryan Parker's latest tune. Inspired by the Giants-Patriots matchup, he analyzes just how deep the New York-Boston rivalry goes. As he says in this video: It pits Jerry, George, and Kramer against Woody, Cliff, and Norm.

Live News=Our Favorite Thing
Woman attacks news reporter. Enjoy.

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